January 20, 2021

16 Leadership Activities (You Can Do Today)

Recently, I took a trip to Israel for a leadership trip to learn how to be a better leader.

There were 50 other people there, including a vice president at Nike, people who have sold businesses, and more.

In this video, I share 16 leadership activities that I learned from the trip.

You might not be natural leader, but if you run a team or lead anyone, I think it’s your responsibility to learn. And these tips will help.

First, I’ll talk about the “goat workshop” we did and the power of leading from BEHIND — not the front like so many people assume.

Second, the “nights out” activity you can use to think your problem out loud easier than you ever thought.

Third, the introduction activity I LOVED. This was the best way to introduce yourself.

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  • What was your favorite leadership activity I mentioned? For me, it was #16… I LOVED the desert activity. 🙂

  • how much do you spend on views and subs? 43K views with 47K subs and only 260 likes. Buying bots is a bad way to grow a channel, look at your latest videos 311 views in 6 days, that's poor for someone with almost 50K subs. You will find YouTube have pushed your videos way down in the search results and suggested list due to your poor click through rate / engagement.

  • This is brilliant stuff. Want to use a few activities for a workshop that I'll be conducting for young adults. School children. Will tweak a few as per audience. Would that be alright? And Thank you for sharing.

  • I was looking at you… did you feel us connect, Noah? (Gosh, I hope not). 😀 😀 😀

  • I've been naturally doing the "single clap" for years (just BEFORE I dive into an important task usually).

    I've only recently added saying "SUMO" at the same time 😉

  • What is the workshop’s name? (Googled goat workshop, not going to Israel to learn milking goat and making cheese tho)

  • The breathing exercise sounds a lot like hypnagogic breathing. It lowers the carbon dioxide in your blood, which affects blood acidity and leads to that euphoric feeling. It can also cause hallucinations etcetera if you do it for longer periods. Not recommended for people with certain medical conditions like epilepsy and diabetes.

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