January 20, 2021

Axis and Allies: 1942 Online – A First Look

In today’s video we take a look at a brand new Early Access game, a digital conversion of the classic strategy boardgame, Axis and Allies, 1942. Axis and Allies is being made by Breamdog and is a digital version of the classic Avalon Hill game of the same name.

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Axis and Allies 1942 was a classic board game published by Avalon Hill in the 1990s with multiple digital versions from the late 1990s to the early 2000s. The game is a turn based grand strategy game similar to Risk but with more detail, unit types, and more complex rules, set during World War II.

Nguồn: https://pcr-proven-hiv-cure.com/

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  • Dude, play the game and demonstrate how to play the game; don't waste time by having viewers watch you fumble with how to play. Honestly.

  • Soviet Union was in it's own faction called Comintern. It was not in the Allies. It worked with them in so far as not deploying troops against them or in their theaters of control. The allies in turn did the same. If this game wants to really be accurate Russia and the other allies should be unable to move troops into controlled territories of each other. There is even a story about RAF pilots getting fired on when flying over Soviet controlled territory.

  • Sorry this game needs some flavor … earlier game like this … arkade game …. hehe https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VV6BsDNRD1U

  • Have you never played Axis & Allies before? That purchase of 2 factories as Germany turn one was 😱. Even one doesn't really make any sense. Two you're kind of just throwing the game away. Germany doesn't need new factories because it can produce new units right in Germany. If I were playing a total beginner and they tried that I would instantly tell them to reconsider. Its pretty much just throwing away 30 IPCs. Those factories are close to useless.

  • This guy has no idea what industry actually does – it only lets you place units you have bought up to the number value on the territory – industry does not improve your economy at all, in fact its a huge waste that he bought them first turn. Also, each AAA unit can fire at up to 3 planes, which is why he gets 3 die rolls. My dude should read the rules lol.

  • Original game was Milton Bradley, they had the Milton Bradly Gamemaster series which included Fortress America, Axis & Allies, Conquest of the Empire and Shogun.

  • I would have preferred a game with more ages (axis and allies 1940, special edition, 42 and 1914 woud have much better)

  • Why did you land your planes in non frontline Belarus instead of Ukraine?? You kept worrying about a counter attack in Ukraine yet you chose not to land the planes there. DERP

  • If you learned to play the game you'd have way more fun. Also makes sense if you do a tutorial

  • I played a lot of Gametableonline version, compared to that , after playing around with this version for around 3 hours, I asked for a refund … this version sucks.

  • Have you tried the latest update yet? Awesome! I stream this quite often on Twitch these days. I'm definitely hooked! I'm double platinum in ranked at the moment.

  • its funny that most people that do these lets play videos do not have much experience playing the game…

  • Where can you download the game for free?? I have wanted to play A&A 2nd Edition for a very long time. I used to have the PC game and other Axis & Allies games.

    I am willing to play one on one against anyone. I would like to try my luck against other players and learn from them. If I lose as the Allies, I am willing to learn why I lost the game. As the Axis player, how do they win against the Allies?? I have never won a game with the Axis.

  • Avalon Hill. I played this back when I was in high school, and since I'm 67, that was a while ago. This guy doesn't really seem to be paying attention.

  • Wish they would use the 50th anniversary edition rules, board and units. The combat does need some improvement, the disk game did a better job with the combat.

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