November 12, 2020

Cinematic Tests – Sony NEX 5R

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I always get asked “what is the best entry level camera for filmmaking”. Here’s my answer. I think at the moment the best value for the money is the Sony NEX5R. The reasons are simple. It’s the cheapest HDSLR at the moment (around $500) that can also shoot full 1080p video at different frame rates, including 24fps and 60fps for great full HD slow motion. Another reason why I pick this camera is because of it’s size. It’s so small and light you can easily attach it to a quadcopter, or tape it to a wall, or just stick it in your pocket. It’s the smallest DSLR camera at the moment. Lastly it’s the image quality and overall functionality. Great options for assisting in video recording. Decent compression using AVCHD codec, etc. If you’re just getting into filmmaking and you’re not sure what camera to invest in. I would suggest that you get this one!

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My name’s Tom Antos and I make videos. I am a film director and cinematographer with over 12 years experience in VFX & animation. Jak sie masz?! I’m originally from Poland 😉 Check out my channel here:


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  • Great review! I have one laying around at home and I was wondering if it is good enough to shoot YT videos. I will definitely give it a try. Thanks!

  • lol!! Dob!! jak se matzch? (CZ), my upstairs are polish, love these people. You make great videos, zamelot a toi!! 🙂 lol!! $100 now (2020) (with the lens!!)

  • Hi Antos! I have a question about this camera. I don't know if you will be able to see this comment, since this video was uploaded 5 years ago! I was using this camera, and I think I broke my lens. It doesn't attach anymore. I was then thinking of replacing my lens to another one, is there any lens that you would recommend for me for this type of camera?

  • Thank you so much for doing this review! I own this Camera but I did not live up to its potential at all! Thank you for showing the setting you used, I learned so much from it! Now I just have to figure out what all the different record settings mean (like the 24 frames in FH or FX? O.O)

  • Спасибо большое за совет по камере, очень хорошая камера!

  • Thank you so much! Have just gotten this beautiful camera used, after watching this video! So after your custom colour settings, do you suggest a ND filter is still necessary if filming outdoors?

  • THANK YOU!! Most of the other videos that are up on Youtube from this camera are from users who don't know how to use it correctly and have all kinds of grainy clips, had me questioning whether I wanted this camera as a back up or not. They are super cheap now in 2019, Im going to research if the NEX3 has the same sensor/video resolution. If it does I may get the NEX3, they are even cheaper. Thanks once again.

  • Fabelhaft, nicht nur die Technik, deine ruhige Hand . Tolle Motive.

    Its not just tech, its final keep quiet hand, view and music , i like !

  • I have a 5T. Will it be the same? For stills, I'm using Portrait/Landscape depending on the subjects. For Portrait that I don't want to color calibrate I use +1C -1Sat 0S. Should I change it for video and stills? Or should I just use raw for stills so that it will not be affected but tedious task to do. Also, do you save the music video in mp4 or avchd?

  • Как не крути всё равно не киношная картинка. Убитые тени и цвета. Но конечно зависит и от "танцора" есть такие которые на RED в 16 стопов умудряются репортажную картинку бетакамовской камеры сделать. Так что дело ещё и в умении поймать тему.

  • I still own my NEX5R and I have not got such amazing video.
    The only issue I have is the lens quality is behind Nikon and canon

  • hi man i have same camera, and i cant get any decent image ( video from it ) indoor or out door,, videos looks opac, not bright at all, could u explain me your settings basics for me to hang on it ? indoor is terrible dark . i moved and tested manualy and automatic settings.. thnks for u kind answer..

  • some of your panning was very smooth, did you use a hand held stabilizer? can you recommend a brand/type?

  • I bought the sony NEX 5N back in 2012 when it first came out for a 3 month vacation, really beautiful shots, light and easy to learn and control, very fast shooting, I could knock out 2 minutes of constant shooting in fine or raw (a bit slower but consistent in raw) for a casual time lapse approach. Great video quality…However… I used it to do a lot of filming as well, and unfortunately every 5 to 6 minutes it would get a battery overheat message, and this was even while using it in an air-conditioned carriage. So I had to keep opening the back display (pull it away from the main body to cool down the body) and turn it off, take out the battery and blow inside the battery holder to release the hot air build up every 6 minutes on average… this made it hard to film long journeys on the bullet train. Quite disappointed in it form that experience for filming. still, for short recordings, really nice image stabilization, and for what you get for the price, fantastic, I bought its 300mm lens and 16 mm lens as well, both good prices for this camera. 4 batteries and a waterproof case. does the 5R offer any improvements in the overheating issue?

  • Hello, I have the NEX5R and a Canon EOS 7D and I love them both for difference reasons. When I am shooting video on the NEX5R it will be continuously focusing.
    What AF mode should I use to stop this ! ?
    Would be a case of focus using AF mode on the subject to get focus plus use the focusing peaking mode. Then switch over to manual ( and try not to touch the lens ) to stop the camera from locking on to any this new that may pop into the frame !

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