January 17, 2021

COM3D2 – How To Apply Adult Patch – STEAM VERSION


If you can’t find the patch try this:
If you bought it but can’t find the download button:

This patch includes the +18 adult content of the game

If you have any questions just leave them in the comment section I’ll try my best to answer them 😀

If the patch link is missing try this:

Buy the game to support the developer:
Song anime:


Nguồn: https://pcr-proven-hiv-cure.com/

Xem thêm bài viết khác: https://pcr-proven-hiv-cure.com/game/

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  • Really nice video Minenik. Do you mind if I add this video to my guide? I already have one explaining it that I made, but without voice so your video would really help people who prefer to hear instructions.

    For anyone else wondering, this only adds content back into the game which was removed by the devs and you only need to buy the patch if you got the Steam version of the game. (Nutaku/S-court) already have the R18 patch installed.

    Your game will still be mosaic censored no matter what so check out the guide I made and install the AIO pack which will make your game 100% mosaic free and even give you automatic penetration during Yotogi which looks way better than a static member going into a static groin.


  • Great vid. Patch installed but now i went to guest mode and my save file is saying product type not valid saved data cant be used. Is this because of the files game not completed or meet ingame requirements or a bug?

  • Having trouble with the conformation email not sending. I don't know if I am doing it wrong or it just doesn't like my card, any Ideas ?

  • Why is a game patch for 18+ content for a porn game that cost money and should already have it in the game but because steam is retarded it doesn't, cost money? Are you fucking kidding me? I paid $40 for this fucking game and now they want me to spend more? This is some scuffed shit right here dawg.

  • Can you help me please, i download the patch, but i reciebe this messege "copy source file is abnormal. file may be corrupted. The posible causes are as follows" i downloaded like 5 times but i get the same messege. Thanks

  • Awesome video, helped a lot.
    Although, the game crashes after I make the first maid. You know what it could be?

  • Thank you for the guide It made life a lot easier =^-^=

    How do you apply actual mods though? I feel the process is different.

  • Hey man. Just downloaded the patch, extracted it, but when I try to start the update I get an error message saying: "The company name could not be read from the ini file."
    Any advice?

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