January 17, 2021

DPReview TV: Sony RX100 VI Review

Sony recently announced the RX100 VI, the newest addition to its compact camera line. With six iterations of the RX100 series now in circulation, how does this new model stand out from the rest? Chris and Jordan take the camera for a spin and tell us what they think about the new, longer lens, the updated viewfinder and more. They even manage to fit in some well earned hammock time in the process.

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  • The only grime i have with this camera for costing 1200 in norway is the no UHS 2 as you said, and not staggering macro shots. As i am going from phone photography from 1 grand phones to keep my main phone for years on end and get a high end compact version i can use for years as well. But as i love macro photography, then this might not be an ideal camera for me.

  • Chris – You are great, but please stop talking over Jordan – He has good stuff to say and your input makes it difficult to hear sometimes. Otherwise you guys are great – Thanks.

  • What do you think is the best point and shoot camera that is 20mpx? Any recommendations? Thank you.

  • The combination of technical suberb video shot, humor and good reflection makes me strolling this channel just watching all the content

  • This is my travel mate on short trips.IfI leave mye A9 or/and A7 III at home, this is always in my bag. Since this review was made NISI has launched M6, a filter kit tailor-made just for the RX 100 VI and VII. Four filters and holder in a small, compact case. And not expensive at all.

  • Well very nicely you have done everything. Let me know which camera is the best to capture beauty and have a great zoom ?

  • I’ve owned the I, III, IV, and now have the V.
    None of them are great for video and I have no desire to get the VI.

  • Getting a heat warning because one uses the camera's features… what a piece of shit at that price tag..

  • Chris and Jordan have such good reviews and are incredibly fluid and insightful. but no need to be constantly comparing (selling) Panasonic on the side. we know what that camera can do. jsut focus on what the current camera can do.

  • Good morning! I own Sony RX100 since it first came out till now & debating to upgrade it to RX100M6 because of 2 important features (to me) are: 1) I can't find "self-portrait- one person" function on the old camera helps me a lot when taking family photos with little kids & cats that don't sit still. All I have to do is set the camera on a tripod & select that function then let it take non-stop photos. Then select the ones I like. The new camera Sony RX100M6 only has "Self-timers (cont.): 2 seconds/5 images. 2) As I don't know anything about camera, the function with "?" question mark on the Sony RX100 help me a lot. I just press it & it will tell me the setting I'm on will do what… I would appreciate if you could help me to figure it out how to use the new camera to complete the 2 mentioned concerns. Thank you in advance!

  • Chris, a question. I will be travelling Europe for 2 weeks this summer and have the RX10 mk1. Is the convenience of this ones small size worth giving up the constant f2.8 and built in ND? 1080p is all I need for video. Thanks

  • Also wonder what the lifetime is of this camera's compared to DSLR etc. Could make it even more expensive if it ends its life after 5 years…

  • The main reason why I carry a camera other than my smart phone is bokeh. Otherwise smart phone is usually good enough for most situations. I think Sony took a miss step opting for zoom range rather than a wider aperture, especially cons the small sensor size.

  • Great review, guys. I've been considering this camera for a while now and your feedback has helped tremendously. Cheers.

  • I just got this camera and I only have 25, 50 and 100 fps available. How can I get 30, 60 and 120 fps?? Thanks!

  • For those complaining about no ND filter. for the price, isn't the mag filter or lens-mate the solution that is not to expensive and gives the options of other filters. Be nice for the price of the camera though too have a solution like this thrown in

  • The best camera is the one you have with you.

    There are so many missed photos/videos because a large camera distracts the subject(s).
    This camera fits in my pocket and can shoot very quickly and in LOW light.

    I do wish it was less expensive.
    NOTE- These are very expensive to repair. Do get/use a leash or mini tripod stick.
    These are small and slippery cameras.
    I now have three versions and II, Iv and V. I don't hink he VI is worth the upgrade, but well worth it if coming in cold.
    The older versions are available and SUPPORTED.
    Buy an older version if a budget concern.

  • For what it's worth — The RX cameras ARE destructible and delicate. I have had almost all versions. I took the mark IV and mark V on some motorcycle adventure travel around the world and both were trashed way too easy. Blown dollars. So if you baby the camera, go for it. If you think that you can take it on anything that does not take attention for safety — dont bother, it will cost you tons and ultimately, I decided its not worth it on my next trip to Nepal. No replacement for the mark V. I'll wait until they harden or weatherproof the unit for that money.

  • What still photo (Pro) compact camera with video function. But primarily stills and articulating screen. any suggestions? Still Image quality , High ISO, Macro capabilities, wait for the Canon G1 X Mark lV?

  • Graham Ramsay As a professional photographer it is a great camera for working out how you may shoot a location or subject; whilst you are in the design stage Also the raw files can be youed in the final production for detail shots where it may be too costly to get a larger camera in position; for car interiors of the cabin or motor.

  • Hi thanks for the great video! Question, I have the Sony Rx100ii. Is the picture quality the same or lesser on the ii?

  • I think, this Camera was made for an Individual who needs a High Performing Camera in a Very Compact Body, with a Zoom Lens!

  • Just to put my 2 cents of a view on this! The Price Tag is irrelevant if this Camera does something very Important to a user, and it does it well, than the Camera is worth it. It has it's Intensive Purposes, and Designed to do exactly that. If one wants to use it for Leisure Shooting, than it might be to expensive, but to a Pro that needs a Super Compact Camera that is Inconspicuous, than this is the Camera to use! I think it's not what it doesn't do, but what it does do!!

  • Don't forget it does not have a built-in intervalometer, so you cannot shoot time-lapse videos internally (which is important for many potential buyers), SONY also removed the PlayMemories app support thus you cannot install an app for this. You can buy an external one thou, but its size is comparable to the size of the camera 🙂

    P.S. the lens is not as sharp as described. It less sharp than RX100 M5 and much less sharp than Panasonic LX10.

  • Wel this model costs in EU more than 1400 euros. Thats the prijs tag of a a6500 of a7 higher series. If Sony continues the high price rating in EU, they will lose the market here 😂

  • When I see <insert camera name> review, I expect to see the review filmed with <insert camera name> because the footage from <insert camera name> is the most important thing.

  • Can you use the flash as a light for video at night? Like on a phone the flash becomes a permanent light when shooting video?

  • Though this is still quite expensive this camera reminds me of the time when I don't have budget for fast lenses and my videos were, well, videoish.

  • Compact cameras as far as I know very rarely and maybe never have wider than 24mm (35mm equiv) focal lengths.
    Wide angle of view gives a unique perspective and differentiates the photos. However affordable ultra wide angle zoom lenses have usually barrel distortion which is very unflattering for faces.
    Small mirrorless cameras can accept wide angle zoom lenses with minimal barrel distortion and that is a good reason to avoid a compact digital camera.
    The only good with most compact cameras is that they usually have very small digital sensors and that permits super telephoto lenses with great focal lengths. An example is the recent Nikon P1000 which has a focal length of 24-3000mm (35mm equivalent). Yes 3000mm focal length and 125 times optical zoom. With a little digital fine extra zoom the focal length can reach 6000mm and celestial objects like the Saturn planet or the International Space Station can be shot and appear in photos.

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