January 20, 2021

Empire: Total War – Ottoman Empire Part 1

Empire: Total War. Playing as Ottoman Empire. Vanilla.
Difficulty Setting for Campaign and Battles: Very Hard
Goal: World Domination Victory. No Battle or Campaign Exploits (Exploit usage is arguable)

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  • TIP: If you leave Poland unchecked long enough, they get their winged hussars (BEST CAV IN GAME) and your troops will melt upon contact. So ATTACK POLAND ON TURN ONE EVEN IF YOU HAVE ONLY PEASANTS

  • IIRC you can trade Bosnia for Morea with Venice turn 1. This way you close whole frontline, won't have a bunch of stupid wars for attacking Venice, and you can stand your ground against Austria immediately. This means just Persia and Austria fronts (also Georgia and Russia, but generally later), and Austria is getting gangbanged by everyone around them every time, so it's easy to just keep that border safe with undersized force.
    There are probably other province trades you can do. Turn 1 province trades in Empire are the most broken feature in any Total War game.

  • Oh boy do I love “other goods”. Whenever I go to the supermarket I can’t wait to pick up “other goods”.

  • Barbary states are a misnomer in North African origin in which there are states and empires such as Tunisia and Morocco …

  • The Sheer number of Caucasians and their callous racist comments here are not only hilarious but funny to see!

  • When your legitimate website is marked by Facebook as against their "community guidelines":
    "It seems they didn't want the competition for world domination".

  • You're playing so fucking fast, a newcomer has no idea what you're doing what so ever. Just look at the trade on the 2nd minute mark. What the fuck, man? What have you even done? Disliking this.

  • I give austria 2 balkan state and bulgaria to polnd-lithuania. I make money from that and they don't even start war with me. Also give moldovia to russia. I can't stop russians to invade me but I don't know.

  • I am expert playing the Ottomans (Hardest mode) . I dont disgree with Much. biut I secure my eastern borders making ally with the Persians. it is not impossible give themthe region or erevan, and they will also provide a good buffer, then you must not worry east.. never the less.. I never give up for the austrians.. I keep a garison near greece and the venetians would not declare war so soon.. and I prepare my armies and accumulate them at Belgrade… make Israelites as soon as you can and send them. deli cavalary must your first tech to research… and I Sell my technology toevery body.. I got too much cash selling technology.. its one of the main sorces of money for me… with my fleet I defend my ports.. other wise they will be raided and the traderootwill be gone for good. eventually.. I take over the world… I do that with the Barbarian States.. how could I not do that with the turks…

  • I’ve been watching your videos for years and this was the first one I watched. I was salty because the only game I had was empire on my dad’s mac and you were shit talking it. I think medieval 2 on lionheart’s channel was what got me back into your channel and I’ve been watching ever since.

  • Ottomans, the most annoying people. I wouldn’t say “bad people” but they are just sneaky, unjustifiably too proud, often racist. I am referring to Turks who post on internet in modern times.

  • This is the only faction that I will play on Empire Total War. I'd like to see some more Empire TW campaigns on this channel 😀

  • Funny part was when he complained about units not routing and thus having very long battles, well his troops routed almost immediately.

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