November 16, 2020

Endless Battle – Gameplay First Look

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Netdragon mixes genres as Endless Battle uses a combination of cards and gear to enhance your character’s abilities. You can choose either mouse/keyboard or click-to-move as your control scheme. Each match plays differently, depending on the mode selected, but will it be any good?

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Every First Look is filled with informative gameplay showcasing each game’s character creation menu, a breakdown of individual classes, some early PvE and PvP content and other features. In the end the main goal of the video is to share our first impressions of the game.

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  • You sound like Joey world tour food reviews ranting when he got stale onion rings hard as a rock from burger king

  • It's just your pc trash, you sound like a homeless person and overweight. dollar store and a low budget laptop you're running this game on

  • This has a really good potential. Needs a lot of polishing, and all those who disliked it can't do any better and they don't know shit about coding and developing a game.

  • Thought this was a game i could really like and then i saw all the comments on steam. Chinese P2W game with bots. Wow, Just Wow.

  • This game is NOT for battlegrounds. It's ment to be an arena game, which is the main focus of this game. The battlegrounds are not that well made and pretty boring and only to be considered a fun side game mode. Much like ARAM in LoL. If anyone wants to join the official community discord for it you can google "endless battle community discord" on google

  • big QQ. the payment option is for people who dont have the time to play all the time to be a big dog. you play the game because its fun right? then you should have no problem playing to get your shit even if it takes you a long ass time. you want to play with your friend but he has a family to support so he actually works and stuff? well, he can still be relevant to you ingame because hes got money and atleast SOME time to get to the same level as you!

  • this channel has gone downhill so fast. its not even gaining as much views as way back might as well unsub cus theres not much to it being here anymore lmao just cringe content..

  • The "first look" with this guy is just bad. He's always baby raging and crying about something.

  • thanks for the first look troy . but is there anything that you do like ?? the only thing iv'e seen you like are first person dogshit games ??

  • Just downloaded. I have zero technical problems with the game and it's probably p2to progressd faster, but so far it seems fair.
    Edit: its the best alternative to wow pvp in terms of movement (very smooth) and modes (there is also arena).

  • Someone clearly has a Wow boner….. ya that sound is a direct rip.. but you said world of warcraft at least 100 times in this video… not all games with swords and shields are warcraft clones…

    game looks like butt either way… But saying its trying to be the world of warcraft battlegrounds is kinda dumb… there are hundreds of games that are pvp based on objective maps… doesnt mean they are all wow clones…………

  • That sound can be accessed on the internet.. it's a fucking snare drum sound..

  • steam overlay sucks… why do you even have that crap on? Most of the time it's Steam overlay that causes a lot of game issues..

  • Killing floor 2 has a wow sound as well. I think it's the one where you want to take a quest but your quest tab is full.

  • Sorry way to much whining about technical issues, those could have been summerised in less then 3-4 minutes but nah we need to go on and on and on.

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