January 20, 2021

How A Street Fighter Move Changed Fighting Games Forever | Remember When

In 1987 a secret move was uncovered at the arcades, and its impact is still being felt today. Join Kurt Indovina on his journey to discover its origins through fireball legend John Choi, commentator Stephen “Sajam” Lyon, and many more special guests in the first episode of Remember When.

The history of video games is replete with fascinating cultural events, captivating stories, and landmark moments. More often than not, each of these creates a ripple effect that redefines how we play, or reshapes what we play. Those with a keen interest in video games are no doubt familiar with the whos, whats, and whens of it all, given their historic significance, but the personal perspectives tied to them can be lost to time, if heard at all.

Remember When is a new GameSpot show about rediscovering those landmark moments in video games and exploring their histories, but also delving into the impact they had on the people that were there and experienced them.

The first episode is focused on the Hadouken, a secret move that has become fundamental to the design of games within the genre. Equally important, however, is how it galvanized a passionate gaming community that lives on today, stronger and more connected than ever.

The Hadouken became a cultural touchstone, and for the guests featured in the episode, had a hand in defining their real-lives in meaningful ways. Joining host Kurt Indovina are special guests John Choi, a legendary Street Fighter player known for his mastery of the fireball; commentator Sajam, who has witnessed the Hadouken’s evolution over the generations; and various members of the GameSpot and Giant Bomb team, who have in one way or another been profoundly impacted by Street Fighter and its most iconic special move.

Watch the premiere episode of Remember When above, and look out for new episodes on GameSpot’s YouTube channel.

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  • Guile's sonic boom was far more harder to find & execute actually back in the day as you needed to hold (charge) it before it comes out. It was a complete mystery back then.

  • That was awful. Too many jump cuts and too many disjointed and fragmented opinions. Couldn't you just slow it all down a bit and just methodically communicate the history and initial emergence of 'The Secret Move That Changed Gaming Forever'. You have just left the viewer with absolutely nothing here, nothing but the sound-bite that we were all familiar with anyway. And that is no disrespect to your guests. So what was the motivation for the move to be coded in to the game (not what influenced the aesthetic effect of the move), was it intentionally a secret? When was it first discovered? When was the move first given attention in the gaming press? Which Magazine, which year? Or did knowledge of the move spread through word of mouth? How? Etc.

  • Excellent style and production – even more amazing content. This series ranks among not just the best of gamespot, but among videos about gaming period.

  • I think it's awesome how rumors slowly made their way into the actual games. Even withoutan arcade scene, in my friend group there'd be a guy who said he could fly with Dhalsim when he won whenever he wanted- which youcan do in 5 as a new move now. And the grayed-out portrayed of Zangief somehow planted theidea of mecha Zangief in everyone's head long before he ever made it into a game as a character or skin.

  • I still feel disgusted that there is a hadouken in tekken, what you see is akuma using fireball, but akuma isnt even a tekken character. Well, i guess we gotta make ways for the guests.

  • Getting any special move to come out in Street Fighter I is the real Dark Souls.
    Kudos to Gspot for getting people like Sajam and John Choi involved.

  • I remember play SF2 in arcades. It's just wild the history, and gameplay influenced everything since. Engrained into your memory. Love this mini doc & chat with familiar talents sharing what they love about fighting games, especially SF2.

    Insert a coin to continue

  • Please thank whoever edited, shot, and directed this! I absolutely adore the style of this video. The presentation, the content, the graphics, the compositing, the editing, the interviews, the selection of clips, the research, the incredibly likable host, just all of it is top notch. I know these videos probably take a bit longer to produce than the typical content, but it's so worth it! It's something that just feels so fresh and unique within the YouTube gaming space.

  • hadouken means dragon's key if my resources are right ..
    and as much as they spoke about it, i wished they explained the science behind doing it from the world of the game itself ..
    you know … like charging your inner Ki energy / chi into one single pint and then charging it from your hands into this pure energy attack that doesn't necessary kill but rather knocks out.. .. yeah where is the explaining of the skill again?

  • Gamespot thought nobody would notice the unlicensed transition at 5:26. But I noticed…I noticed. lol

    All jokes aside, great job guys! Enjoyed the video.

  • I like this type of video, hopefully you'll get around to talking about beat em ups and how they were all the rage back in the arcade golden years (just before SF2 came into existence), and how far this genre has fallen off the radar now beat that em ups seem to be on life support nowadays.

  • i really enjoyed this episode… brings me back to childhood…Can you do more, maybe exploring the different fighting games … Origin,, moves etc.

  • Aw, not even a single mention of ancient Chinese spiritualisms and martial arts and how all of that has trickled down over time into modern manga/anime/games. Shoutouts to Space Battleship Yamato's Wave Motion Cannon, though. (Btw, this is not a complaint, I enjoyed this video.)

  • I used to save .50 from my lunch money every day so when I got off the school bus I could cross the street to the corner-store SF2 machine and battle the other kids from school and for sure it was quarter on the screen to get next. Late 80’s early 90”s era.

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