November 19, 2020

How To Play Horse Race Drinking Game

To Play Horse Race you’ll need:
One Deck of cards, Some beers or cocktails, and 2 or more people.

To start choose an announcer

The announcer will search through the deck for Aces and place them all face up in a row, these are the horses, feel free to give them names.

The Announcer will then place a line of 6 cards in a row next to the horses

Now each player excluding the Announcer places bets, this can be as complicated as you would like, but for our purposes they’ll pick their favorite horse and a number of drinks

Once each bet is locked in the fun begins

The announcer begins flipping the top cards off the deck, the horse with a matching suit will proceed.

As a bonus rule you can flip the side card once a horse reaches it, if that horse matches suit than it is knocked back a space.

Continue the horse race until a horse passes the finish line

The players that bet on the winning horse give out their bet in drinks to whomever they choose

those who bet on losing horses must additionally drink all of the drinks they bet.

And that’s how you play the classic game of Horse Race.


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