November 17, 2020

HSE – Sburb

In this episode, we track the broad strokes of the game that sits at the center of Homestuck’s narrative–Sburb–and explore the two main concepts it uses to be both compelling and versatile:

The Hero’s Journey, and Hyper-Flexible Mythology.

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Tex Talk’s Computer Science in Homestuck:

Sam Keeper’s A Bodiless and Timeless Persona:

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Sburban Jungle:

Another Jungle:

Battle against an Unfathomable Enemy:

Skaian Ride:

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  • Finally an explanation on home stuck that isn’t 300 years worth of narrator speak!!! I hate that freaking narrator

  • i know im late to the game here, but a call to adventure is like you said, a request to start playing.. ie, the disk arriving.. but a refusal of the call isn't something that happens at any time.. sometimes it doesn't even happen, but it's when someone overlooks the adventure hook. before the adventure begins. its been a while since i read homestuck, but i think maybe he lollygags a bit before installing.. that would be the refusal..

  • i am in sburb rn, i am playing overseer v2 on the redditstuck202 server, i'm already on my land

  • There are 12 shitty overlayed forces out there.

    (my mind is screaming about those squares)

    I don't even know how I got here but I'm liking how you set the things up more systematically than canon does and probably than canon even intended to do

  • Thank you so much for this series. I knew there was something really enticing to me about Homestuck, but I quickly got overwhelmed and wrote it off after finishing reading it. The clarity you bring to each piece makes it so much more possible to see the whole picture. I really love this sort of in-depth understanding of storytelling patterns, and now I understand what was so appealing about the work in the first place. I'll be re-reading the comic soon, so thank you again.

  • Just realize this is still a game, somebody had to program this in the homestuck universe. That’s pretty impressive!

  • so many chills… so many feelings…
    I'm going to cry with this series :,)

    Please do not ever stop.

  • Wait….. Waitwaitwaitwait….. John IS the Avitar. Think about it, he uses the wind as a weapon and tool, and it's almost like it was meant for him. Then, once he touches the homestuck house juju, and gets the power to retcon, we see he has gained the power of 3 more aspects. Space, letting him go to any place. Time, letting him to to any time. And Light, letting him know where and when to go, even if he was never there before. To boot, he also squares his natural breath powers, becoming the ultimate being of freedom and single-person power. This all makes sense, as the 4 kids trapped in the juju were him, Dave, Rose, and Jade.

    So, in a way, an air bender, who takes on 3 other powers, and is close friends with the ones who teach him, him being the youngest of the group, who also finds a hidden power (retcon for homestuck, taking away bending for Avitar), and is the leader of the group…. Literally Avatar.

  • This may actually be the best video on YouTube to show someone to introduce them to Homestuck, provided they aren't going to read it without spoilers first. I've never been able to convince someone to read it blind–it's too bad because I think that would be the best way to experience the story–but this explains how the world works, what type of plot/genre Homestuck is & a summary, and is just a straight-up quality video.

  • Keep up the good work dude by the way at 3:20 when you were waking about the server player what was that amine call by the way

  • Tbh if I was given the option to play Sburb with all the consequences I would.
    (And I'm sure most people agree)

  • It was not until you pronounced Toph's name with a Capitol "O" sound, that i became activly aware of your weird habit of mispronouncing things this entire time.

    Brains are weird.

  • Honestly, the hyper flexible mythology sounds amazing to me! The idea of growth, choices to make, challenges to face! It makes for a great Epic Story with twists and turns at every point. I would totally get my friends together and play a game of Sburb. Might have to grab a few family members to see them grow, too!

  • I'm actually trying to create a Sburb "tabletop RPG" (not in the sense of an actual TTRPG, but we tell a story while borrowing concepts from TTRPGs) having not read homestuck, so this is amazing. This is probably a far better use of my time than trying to decipher MSPAPedia

  • the ultimate videogame is real life and the plot is how you will make the most out of your existence while fighting the inner demons created specifically for you

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