January 19, 2021

Iconoclasts – Full Game Walkthrough Longplay (No Commentary)

Iconoclasts full game, iconoclasts all boss fights & ending.
Iconoclasts all cutscenes.

Iconoclasts on steam:

7:28:13 First agent black fight
9:26:35 Royal moonbase scene
9:01:17 Agent black final
9:45:00 final boss Starworm
(More time stamps coming later, I’m lazy)

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  • Usually there'd be dialogue in that kinda part in a game
    Royal would tell you that you have to leave him behind or else you won't make it
    Your character would try to think of another way and try and talk him out of it
    But here that entire process is conveyed through gameplay
    Your walkthrough has no commentary, yet it is clear what you're thinking and mentally going through just watching you play
    It's perfect

  • You should have equipped Spin 1st, then Electrified, then the Heart. (Because electrified 1st is most of the time useless, while Spin let you charge your Key in 1 action)
    But GG for your playthrough !
    Thank you for the many tips I got from it 😀

  • Thank you for this! The only problem with this game were the "puzzles", which were terrible compared to the artistic achievement of every other aspect, so this helped a lot.

  • when you're fighting that samurai (or ninja) dude in the tower just post up against the wall facing him so he doesn't teleport behind you and be ready to parry his attack. makes both fight quick and easy.

  • Was the heart that appeared over Robin's head when she met Royal an indication she had some kind of attraction to him? That was the only instance in the game she had that emote. Really wish she wasn't a mute.

  • All people whine mostly about that they couldn'T save Royal. I whined all the time just about the fact that I was unable to kill Elro. (or that he survived no matter what)

  • Im disappointed with the ending..
    Wat? So many people died and fought each other because of those fxxking bird aliens??

  • Man, this is a nice game, but all characters have the worst ending. Black suffers a lot, and have a nightmare traumatic death; then Royal, who tried the entire game being helpful, just make thing worse and has a horrible death. Elro end a crippled without family or hope. Mina don't reconciliate with her mother and gfriend until the credits. And Robin just go sleep after saving world while society is crumbling. And what the hell was the final boss? A bird?! For a moment I thought it was related to Owlboy or sl. That was a lazy ending.

  • Elro: Alright, Robin… I won’t try to tell you what to do anymore.

    Me: It’s about DAMN Time! Learn to have more faith in the girl.

  • What a meaningless pointless game. Im glad i didnt buy and play it. Even the game itself doesnt take itself seriously anymore. Pff

  • He got hit with the suicide laser… WHY DO PEOPLE HATE HIM SO MUCH!? He was just a kid that got misled and even though all he wanted was to do what was right, he paid for it severely. In my honest opinion, he should at least have gotten a funeral.

  • This game is pretty good but what really makes it shine is character writting
    Black is so relatable she clearly needs and deserves a hug

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