November 16, 2020

Is The Sony NEX-5N Still Worth Buying in 2019? (Video Test and Review)

Is the Sony NEX 5N still worth buying for video? In this video I go over the pros and cons of this camera and show some footage that I shot with it! Spoiler, the NEX-5N is a great camera if your looking for something that will shoot 1080p video on a budget!

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Sony NEX-5N – Still Worth Buying? (Video Test and Review)

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  • Hello friends! I'm confused. Which is the difference between sony nex's 5t vs 5n vs 5r? Anyone can help me pls…

  • Just wanted to comment and thank you for making these videos .I was looking for a good budget 1080p camera for youtube cover videos I was having a hard time deciding until i found your videos regarding the Nex's. I ordered a 5n with the 18-55mm sony kit lens and mini tripod for 120 on ebay. Wanted the 5r or 5t but I decided to sacrifice just getting the 5n with a sony lens instead of getting a 5r body and a cheap lens. It should be here in a couple days. Super stoked to start making better quality videos.

  • I noticed that the colour is, creamy? I get this same feeling for sony a7 ( the og ) but not on sony a6000 eventhough it captures the same 1080p. I dont kmow how to describe it but i actually like the colour sony produces in those camera.

  • Thanks man! I have owned my NEX-5N since 2011 or so and have used it on many projects. I was wondering if anyone has ported/tethered this camera through the USB to be used as a webcam for skype/zoom etc. Seems I supposed to be able to get it to work with Sony Imaging Edge desktop software (on Mac) but the two USB options "Mass Storage" and MTP do not recognize the camera. This camera cannot be set to explicit USB although I have been using it through a usb connection to store and download pictures for 10 years! The HDMI out is an option but requires a capture/recorder which can be quite pricey. Any info would be helpful.

  • What are the best settings to optimize video recording? Specifically the background blur while vlogging? Thanks you channel is awesome. I just purchased a sony nex5n with 3 lenses extra battery and bag for $240!!!!

  • Hi, I watched your previous video on this camera (which I have) I had the same issue as far as the microphone. I purchased a 3.5mm adopter on Amazon that plugs into the charger section and has a plug at the end to plug your microphone in. I wanted to know how can I use my phone to control the the camera?

    Here is the link

  • HAH. just what I needed. Lots of info on NEXs while locked inside. Next to figure out how to use as webcam, after I binge all your videos.

  • Do you recommend this? Is it better to just shoot w smartphone rather than spending money to buy this?

  • Hi? I have Sony nex-3. I think I bought this camera 10 years ago. I want to use this camera to flim a video. Can I ask How did you set the color?

  • People in the Philippines are still selling this at 250$ used 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

  • I love this little camera so much! I picked it up years ago at a bargain price with the 16mm and 18mm-55mm kit lenses and despite getting the A6000 a couple of years later I still turn to the 5N so often because it is just so light and easy to use. I want to start doing some vlogging, not for youtube, just like a personal journal and am looking at the Canon G7x ii and G7x iii but after a trip down memory lane today on Youtube I'm going to go with a $25 mirror hack on the a6000 instead and see how I go with that. Thanks for your video 🙂

  • I got my 5N for free when my mother bought a Sony TV 8 years ago. I love to see that this camera is still good after 8 years.

  • just picked one up after seeing this video! Its my first camera and didn't come with and SD card and I'm not sure where to start. What SD card do you use/recommend with this camera?

  • Hey Adam

    Thanks for making this video. Would you recommend this camera as a b angle camera? my main one is the A6400 but could use a second camera for alternative angle

  • In these days I should buy my first camera to start my youtube channel,is it a good idea to take it or you recommend me to not I mean do you think that the video quality is enought to do a successfull youtube video?❤

  • Thank-you for this video. The video quality in your demo looks fantastic! -One thing, though, I'm trying to find out and can't seem to determine from any place I look online…

    Can you get clean hdmi (no menu overlays) out of this camera when piping it to something like OBS?

  • Did you do a firmware update before using it? Somehow I remember that the last update improved the video quality even more.

  • I have one. But it can only shot 25fps or 50fps. I olso have the latest firmware update.
    Why can i not shot 60fps and 24fps?

  • I love this ❤️ I have one of these💯 can you make a video about putting an autofocus adapter and canon lens on it

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