January 20, 2021

Is The Sony NEX-6 Still Worth Buying in 2020?

The Sony NEX 6 is a fantastic camera at its price point, with the ability to shoot 16MP stills at up to 10fps, and full HD video at 60fps. But is it still worth buying in 2020?

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My Gear:

Canon EOS RP:

Sigma 24mm f/1.4:
Canon 50mm f/1.8:
Canon 24mm f/2.8:
Sony 28-70mm:

—Other Gear—
EF Adapter:
Editing Laptop:
Studio Lights:


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  • I was shocked how cheap you can get a NEX-6, I was looking for a NEX 3 or 5, and for just a little more, you can get a better camera. Won mine off ebay for 160 shipped with three batteries and only ~6000 shutter acutations. So far my plan for it is to use it with manual lenses.

  • Has anybody encountered a problem with trying to get your video from the nex6? The files appear on my camera, but not when I put the sd card into my computer

  • I need some help with my Nex 6 I bought the camera and just the camera what Lens do I need to buy or what do i need to buy to get it to where I can record? Its so i can use it for my channel and are there any under 100 dollars possibly?

  • i bought this camera 8 years ago and i just started to get interested on it, i want to know everything about it bc idk anything about it

  • can you use Sony NEX 6 as a Webcam? I heard not. If it cant be a webcam I'd say its not worth buying in 2020. (I have a sony NEX-F3)(trying to hook it up.)

  • I have a NEX6 for 3 years. Use for video and stills. Image quality is great for video, 1080 60p is nice for slow motion. It also shoots 1080 24p and 30p. Photos are great printed on A4 size (never tried A3). Very lightweight, you can hold it all day long and not get tired, I use no straps, so light. OCF and HSS works fine, I have a Godox X1T trigger with TT350s and TT600 speedlights (check my IG). The NEX 7 has proprietary Sony hot shoe, can´t use radio trigger. FF lenses works on the NEX6, I have a 50mm FE and works fine. I also have a Meike 25mm 1.8 manual focus (and a bunch of Minolta A-mount lenses/M42 with manual adapter), that I use with focus peaking/focus magnification. Yes you can get used to manual focus with some practice. It has face tracking, but no eye AF. 10 fps shutter is very nice. Video depends a lot on the camera body specs, but for stills lenses are more important, save some money to spend on better lenses (hopefully my next purchase will be a 85mm 1.8). It has no mic input, but if you want really good audio get a digital audio recorder instead, I have a Sony PX440 (it´s ok, works nice with lavalier mic) and a Tascam DR7 (better quality). For ambient audio its internal mics works fine. Battery life is not that great, but they are small and light, put a couple of spare batteries in your pocket and you are good to go. It has a compact size, you can carry it on a cargo pocket (depend on lens). I should consider upgrade this camera to a A6300: 4k, 1080 120fps (A6000 is 1080 60p), continuous eye AF (the A6000 has single eye AF), 24Mp, much better AF, much better low light sensitivity. Hope it helped.

  • Hello, do you know if I could use a SEL 55210 in a Nex 6? Sorry if it is a silly question, I am just starting in this and I am looking for a telephoto lens for my nex 6, thanks!

  • Would you recommend this camera for filming YouTube Videos? is this worth buying over the nex 5n since the price difference is fairly small?

  • Shhhhhhhhhh….. keep these beauties a secret. Menus are a bit quirky but a hell of a deal for someone looking for a stills camera, especially with adapted lens where the focus peaking within the electronic viewfinder is a game changer.

  • A6000 has clean HDMI out – NEX-6 does not. Playmemories app with NEX-6 is bad, as are the downloadable apps. The camera is great for the price point and works well with manual lens adapters, but the A6000 is a better choice if you can find one for $250, IMO.

  • I just bought a Nex-6 after watching your videos. And love it. The price to performance of this camera, is incredible. Thanks for this video😀

  • Great video. I heard in the video you that the Nex 6 may not be ideal for video. I currently use my Nex 6 for video and it's been okay. I use a lavalier mic for audio. I wanted to ask what lens would you recommend I use to film more crisp and clearer videos. The only lens I have is the sony 1.8 50mm lens and the aperture is cool but no zoom which can be challenging when filming. I'm trying to improve my video quality and getting a new lens may be a better option for me. Would you suggest getting a new camera?

  • The difference is not that far? Having a shot with iso 3200 and it is unusable and noise in iso 800 is a waste of money.

  • i've owned my nex-6 for 3 years now, my 30mm 1.4 Sigma DOES AUTOFOCUS on video.

    Problems with NEX-6 :
    Slow Auto focus
    Aperture ring easily breaks
    ISO is bad, and being 16mp made it worst


  • Hi I made a comment about upgrading from my nex 5 on your a6000 video, you gave me some great advice and said about getting a a6500, I ended up getting 1 of these cameras with loads of extras at an amazing price,I could sell the 16-50mm kit lens for what I payed 😁. I chose to do this and put the extra money into things to go with the camera,have brought a zoom h1n to hopefully up my audio game and have been looking at maybe getting the sony 18-200mm lens,I currently have the 18-55mm sony lens with a macro and wide screen add on,the sony 16-50mm power zoom kit lens and a 70-210mm adapted lens do you think it would be worth getting the 18-200mm lens ? I really enjoy the videos you make and there very informative I look forward to seeing the videos you make on this camera.
    Atb Steve

  • Isn't only the aditional 8 mpx, the Sony A6000 have a much better low light performance and can record in XAVCS. It seems odd to me that my Nex 5R gets better results in 800- 1600 iso than the Nex 6 ( i using it with Nikon AIS lenses) But as you said for that price is quite good.

  • For a photo-only guy, this has been my go-to for many years. I see the other new APSC options as only a slight step-up mainly for faster autofocus.
    I may buy a FF option for family portraits around the home. Maybe not. Still debating.

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