January 20, 2021

LOOK INSIDE: Sony SRS-XB20 – Full Teardown/Disassembly

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In this video, I will tear down the Sony SRS-XB20 Bluetooth speaker.
It can be useful if you have a problem with the speaker and need a troubleshooting guide.
So let’s disassemble it and look what is inside.

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  • My sony speaker is not connecting via Bluetooth and as well as data cable…….. What problem could be……????????

  • THANK YOU VERY MUCH! This will guide me into emptying the shell of an SRS-XB22 speaker so I can paint it pink for my wife. (She used to have a pink corvette stingray, and I thought it would be cool to paint one of these pink and put a stingray emblem on the speaker grill.) Thanks again. Just goes to prove you can find anything on youtube.

  • Im watching this with the speaker x btw the battery is so small tho how can it handle all that good work sony👏

  • This is the best blue tooth speaker of all I ever did buy (Quality/Price) Got it for 60£ in Tesco Great Britain. 2018 February. I've been using it almost every day. I did calculate… I had used it for more than 1800 hours and usually on max volume. When it was brand new the battery on max volume did last for about 7 hours. Now 17 months later it still lasts for about 4 hours. (note it is on max volume) I did use this speaker in harsh conditions. Mostly in dusty construction site, cause I'm a builder. It has many dents and scratches and survived many high falls and impacts. Every time no damage. Every day after work I wash it with water and soap to get off the construction site dust. I often take it with me in shower or aside the pool or beach. It is super waterproof (if You don't put it deeper than 1 meter under water. Then the water pressure may damage it.) I'm not using this speaker as a regular user. I use it like it is indestructible. And it is almost indestructible. Recently I did accidentally drop it again from 3 meters on a concrete floor. And the sound was not right anymore. When I did shake it I felt something heavy moving a bit inside.
    This video did help me to open it and I found out a piece of plastic which holds the battery was broken. So I did fix it with superglue and did use some elastic glue to make it more impact proof. When I did put it back together I did use a little bit of silicon glue to ensure the water resistance. Now it's good as new. Of course the battery holds only 4 hours now on max volume when fully charged. But come on! It's very good for 1800+ hours of use in harsh conditions.
    I recommend this speaker to every active lifestyle person Who wants a good durable reliable speaker for a reasonable price.

    God bless the engineer who works for Sony and did made this speaker.

    Huge thanks to Speaker Fanatic for this video!

    Like & Subscribe!

  • It is possible to buy 2 generic 18650 and replace it? When you took out the battery pack, if the connector soldered?

  • I think I'm going to upgrade the speakers on my Sony xb20 with some different speakers because I haven't been using it so I should just have some fun with it.

  • Hey My xb20 All Of a sudden stopped producing sound. No Drops And Everything Else Works Fine. Can Anyone Help Me?

  • Does anyone know why my xb30 doesn't show up as a connectable device? I've had it for 2 years and it's only doing that now and yeah I've dropped it, only a few times tho

  • As a daily Speaker User i bought this thinking it was gonna be great , and it was dont get me wrong but the lithium depletes alot quick er compared to black web or bose , just chucked this speaker out the window of my car it kept turning off . I only dropped it once.

  • i have two Sony xb20 and both of them have the same problem, I can run them full volume (without ExtraBass activated) as long as the base of the song isn't too low and strong, but if the battery is under 50% or the base is to strong or if the ExtraBass is activated when playing at Max. volume they will turn off. The warranty is now over and I don't know what to do as I bought them because of the ExtraBass mode and because of the high volume and now I can't use neither of those things.

  • I think this really helped me, thank you. My speaker wasn't charging properly or at all, and didn't work – it would only sometimes turn on, and then cut off in the middle of songs. I think I must have dropped it or something, and taking it apart shifted everything into place…Thanks!

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