November 12, 2020

Make Your Own Raycaster Game

I’m happy to share my raycaster video with you! I hope you learn something, or find it interesting and stay tuned for more fun videos!

Install C and OpenGL

Minecraft GBA

Zelda GBA

If you make this, let me know and I’ll add your link here.
Roberto Abad Followed my tutorial! Check out his Raycaster!

Raycaster’s shown in this video
Synthes 3D
Wolfenstein 3D
8Bit Killer Gameplay
16 Bit Ray Caster
Swinger Engine


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  • I don't know anything about video games but it is really neat to see how the programming is done. Love your water sponsor 🤣

  • Do you plan to continue this series? I've successfully followed your video and wrote the code in QuickBASIC64 ( Amazed at how simple raycasting is. I look forward to the next video in the series. More please … 🙂

  • around 12 minutes in he used dist in an equation in code, but putting the code in the way he said just gave an undefined error. not knowing c to well i dont know whats going on

  • you are better than university professors. You teach in an easy to understand method.
    My only suggestion would be is to have popup links to other videos at certain parts to explain certain things in more detail if people who are learning this want to have a better understanding of things such as the sin or cos or what a tangent is and ect.

  • The fish eye is caused by spacing rays by angle. I believe this is a more realistic way to distribute your rays.

  • For those wondering why tan and inverse tan:

    Remember that tangent is really sin(x)/cos(x) so, inverse is cos(x)/sin(x).
    In other words, tan gives you the slope and inverse tan gives you the slope of the line mirrored around y=x.
    Now, notice that it's also negated.
    Here are the dragons:
    negating a slope flip a line vertically (mirror around x axis)
    inversing a slope flip a line along y=x. Also known as "transpose". (i.e. swapping x and y components)
    If you transpose a "F" in your head, you should see that it can bee seen as a clockwise rotation AND flipping the result vertically.
    So, if you flip it vertically again…only the clockwise rotation remains!

  • In 227 lines, in Visual basic:
    But it's much slower since I really do cast a ray in a bitmap. Also, at that time, I didn't correct the fish eye effect.
    It was 16 years ago too 😀

  • at 9:29 none of the green lines are showing up for me. they dont seem to even draw. im guessing that its because draw rays 3d isnt getting called by any functions but idk

  • Wow, this video was awesome! I was still able to decipher most of the code into java and it still works and looks great!

  • could someone explain to me the part with the inverse tangent?
    till that point i understood it quite well.

  • Hi! Nice video! If you want more performance, remove the sqrt part from the dist function. You don't actually need the correct distance here, but only the comparison, and sqrt is pretty expensive.

  • [Error] called object 'my' is not a function

    alright, if you are also having this issue by any chance, the fix is it's meant to be "my = (int)(ry)..etc" not "my(int)(ry).."… still dont know how he got the code to run tho.

  • Just finished making this in javascript and Html5, had to workaround some issues but it was two (long) days of fun.
    Thanks for making amazing videos that push people forward!

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