January 19, 2021

Mystery Bug Catching in the Backyard!! FAMILY POOL PARTY with new toys!

Adley catches weird bugs with her new animal catcher!


Best Pool Day Ever 976

Family pool party!! Momduras has invited all of us over for a barbecue and swimming, so Adley, baby Niko, Jenny and I jump in the car and head out. We get there and Adley almost immediately jumps in a hammock, cause we have this new game where she pretend plays to be a caterpillar till i wrap her in the hammock and she turns into my new pet butterfly.

Time to jump into the pool, but right before we do Adley has to model her new Frozen Elsa 2 towel, its super cute seeing her dressed like a Disney princess. In the water, we swim around, do some tricks, Adley can hold her breath now and is swimming like a dolphin. Niko loves playing in the water and I love it! He’s so cute.

After swimming for a long time, we jump out and Adley got a new bug catching set, so we need to go bug hunting!! It’s super easy because a fly gets trapped in Adley. So we move it over the her new catcher so its safe and Adley loves taking care of her new pet. She’s like a little animal whisper, especially bugs, she can’t get enough of them.

We then end the night with dessert, hanging out with the family including Smores troll, and playing games. Family fun all day long and I love it!!

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