January 20, 2021

Running Jokes Compilation – Game Grumps

NEW DISCORD for Lovelies to chat and hang out!: As expected, there have many people asking where their favorite running joke is in this compilation. The Grumps have had many running jokes and I couldn’t have included all of them in this one video. If you have a request please reply to my pinned comment. Thank you Lovelies! (:

CRABS 0:19
Mycaruba 3:48
Wolfjob 8:04
Racist Bassist & Bummer Drummer 13:50
Big Zam 17:56
Spinnakers 23:13
Burgie 28:15
Do it 33:03
Raptor Pro Tip 40:49
Macho Madness 43:40
Cranberries 46:03
I Won the Money! 49:03
Yoda Jokes 50:41
Whap Goblin 56:05
I’m Gonna Pre/Complete 1:04:36
Infinidagger/Hello 1:12:02
Ivan 1:21:09
Looks Like You Have a Baby Penis 1:43:03
Thomas the 18th Century Boy 1:47:15
Coughin’ Kammy Koopa 1:49:33
Grubba 1:59:30
My Pussy 2:07:01
You Must Die! 2:09:37
Oh… Koops… 2:12:39
Consume Prilosec 2:16:01
Friend Arin 2:19:26
Friend Dog 2:21:11
Take the Shot 2:24:45
Friend Monika 2:27:20
How’s It Going, Dude? 2:43:39
Can’t Get Enough of That Sugar Crisp 2:47:33
A Couple of Cards 2:55:09
I’m the Video Game Boy! I’m the One Who Wins! 2:56:04
Just Don’t, Okay? 2:58:14

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