November 18, 2020

Scum – Energy, Healing, & Metabolism Guide

Scum – Energy, Healing, & Metabolism Guide – is a quick guide showing you how to heal in scum, how to regen energy, & basic insight of the Metabolism system.

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  • It highly impact by carbs intake i confirm, my energy was really low and drops really fast when my carbs intake is 0%. Once I pump these up only energy recovery starts getting back to normal level

  • UNLIMITED MEAT – Craft a SKEWER and EAT it. When you are in your last SKEWER then UNCRAFT it. You'll get back to 5/5 meat.

  • I can 100% confirm that it's NOT calories that factor into Energy. I can't seem to figure it out. I was significantly lower (a 5,000 difference) in Intake vs Usage and still gained a full 100% Energy. Someone else told me it was related to "sugars which convert to carbs" and it wasn't that either. I had 0% in both.

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