January 17, 2021

Sony EXTRA BASS SRS-XB3 Bluetooth Speaker – REVIEW





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Sony SRS-XB3 Bluetooth speaker REVIEW


→ Music: Get You Home – TUXEDO

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  • The sound quality is extremely good.๏๏>share4.photo/Soundcast?ғ    The soundcast has a nice vibrant base tone while the mid and high end tones are still very clear.

  • I've been using this for quite some time now. Yep, still loving it. It filled up my bass need.

  • you should speed up the audio a little more you'll sound like Alvin the chipmunk – horrible job

  • I have two of these and use them around for great stereo sound out and indoors. I find your description and whole review very accurate and detailed. I found many other reviews out there, some in local languages, many in primitive and ridiculous English. So! Just wanted to let you know that with over half a million subs as you have many many of which are not native English spoken, and does not speak that language every day. If you somehow were able to regard that fact , and slow a bit down, especially when it is a little complicated or important, it would benefit a lot of viewers I know. And you know that a lot of phones, laptops, e.t.c.out there, use some bad speakers. Go on! Great work! New subscriber.

  • Hi Jim, for some reason i am looking to use wired connection but speaker goes off after sometime as it keeps on searching for Bluetooth device and it doesn't find it goes off. Is there a way to keep it on via wired connection ??

  • Thanks. I picked up the XB3 and I actually notice a slight rattle or distortion when running very low volume. Up higher and it disappears but when running at very low volume I get distortion and will be returning it for maybe a JBL Pulse 3.

  • Guys can someone help me ? Which to buy ? Marshall stockwell or Sony srs-XB3

  • First time watching your channel. Excellent production quality. That soft amber lighting on black wood.. classy. Great sound quality and voice work. I subscribed based solely on that, to say nothing of the actual products you are reviewing (just picked this SRS-XB3 up for free though!). Very well done all around, and I appreciate your work 🙂

  • One important item no else is mentioning: Yes, this has a proprietary power cable and not micro-usb. While the down side to this is obvious in that you need to take the power cord with you, there is one huge upside that I haven't seen on other speakers. It has a 15V power cord, so it can play at full volume plugged-in for an indefinite amount of time.

    With micro-USB and 5V in general, the amount of power coming in cannot keep up with how much most speakers use. So at first the volume will drop, then you will just have to turn it off until the battery gets filled up again. For some strange reason, the newer Sony XB-30 still has power cord, BUT they dropped the voltage from 15V to 5V. So that's actually the worst of all, because you need to carry the power cord AND you can't play it indefinitely.

    All the other competitors (Bose, JBL, UE) have the same inherent limitation – they can't be played indefinitely plugged in. So this XB3 is a unique buy! I am currently using it as my computer speaker, it takes little space on my desk, and I have the option to take it with me on the go.

  • man, please make a review on this one: Douni 25W Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

    it is on the lower end side, but the reviews are unbelievably good. I think it is definitely worth your review

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