January 18, 2021

Sony ICD-UX570 Dictaphone – Unboxing & Walkthrough – Part 1

An overview of the Sony UX570 digital voice recorder and my thoughts on why you would even need this anymore. Why not just use a phone?

0:00 – Introduction
1:00 – Why not just use a mobile phone?
3:30 – Unboxing
4:30 – Up close & personal – A look at the product
8:43 – Brief audio sample – See Part 2 for audio tests
9:22 – Full menu walk through

Do you use a dictaphone? What do you find to be the benefits of a device like this over a smartphone? Let me know in the comments.


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  • This makes a nice mp3 music player too. Sounds great with headphones. Other nice features are variable speed playback and A-B repeat.

  • Perhaps the play Range is so you can just dig on tunes in the Music and perhaps other folders (esp. would be valid on shuffle play) with out random meeting and interview recordings playing (Range of folders to play? ) Maybe? – IDK..(I just ordered this today- I'll find out!)

  • I think "Sync Record" is for dubbing a CD (Or LP or Cassette or MiniDisc for that matter!.) If it is like what I have heard of in other (Sony?) devices, It will detect silences and make separate recordings (files) of each "track". Where as auto track mark would place markers on sections of a single recording (file). (When I get mine, I'll report back). This also MAY be useful to record "Ham radio" or "Scanner" traffic as it would be using the audio input cable, where a "VOX" (voice actuation) would use the built-in mics. I'm going to try both concepts when I get mine delivered.

  • I still have dedicated still camera, as well as a dedicated camcorder. The ergonomics alone,IMHO are reason enough, Plus way more (real) manual shooting options ans (real) zoom lenses. I also have a Tascam DR-05X for "field" recording. I just ordered this Sony unit for it's size, (Will it "sound" as good as the Tascam? IDK, But it'll be easier to carry daily for "snapshot" recording") plus it has mic and "ear" jacks (like my TASCAM) and it's also stereo. My phone can't do stereo "voice" recording. So there IS definitely a market for these devices.

  • Theres something going on the sony screen…it looks not okay. Is it because of the camera ? BTW great video Thanks ..hope u reply me.

  • Thanks for such a detailed review.
    I am using a sony ic recorder for last more than 10 yrs. and after using this I never thought of any other option. it is so good, user-friendly, lightweight.
    lastly, I was using its 533 model.
    earlier they were supplying USB cable along with it and that was very good. since I hardly used this and later both my recorder became useless all because its USB is not functioning.rest all is ok.
    So, I strongly recommend using a small USB cable instead of using it directly.

  • Hello, can you hear the what is being recorded through the headphone simultaneously. Also, would it be possible to connect two microphones into the single input using a splitter?

  • I'm buying this, and you are the biggest factor. You should get money from Sony, as they are almost sponsoring you xD

  • Brilliant walk through, I really don't care about Bluetooth but I understand why some people might, the reason I dislike Bluetooth is that is that in my experience the wireless pairing can be picky about devices and be a bit unreliable, in my case this device fits exactly within my needs, just ordered 2, this video was a key factor on deciding, great content, earned a sub

  • just bought one and it didn't come with the pouch nor the giant pile of manuals just a smaller one. it was brand new from Sony store. i got it on sale so i don't care about the pouch. it was sealed and not tampered with so they probably don't supply it with the device anymore. so far i'm very happy with it.

  • TDCat Could you please advise as to the easiest way you can back track on a recording and then re record . That is to amend part of a recording just made

  • Hey thanks for video, does turning off the beep also stop it making a sound when turning on/ starting a recording?

  • Two questions:
    On build quality, how is the screen holding up? I have the old model from 2015 and the screen scratched way to easy.
    On mp3 playback, does playback stop when you're selecting another track to play?
    Thanks in advance!

  • please how I can buy it in Pakistan and please what is price…. please reasonably price for my studying during class…

  • i use one on a regular basis as a covert hidden device, priceless for recording voice, great for meetings where complex exchages of information is taking place forget trying to take complex notes on paper, i would not be without one. I can also fit an ultra tiny lav mic a great bit of kit

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