January 19, 2021

Sony MDR-XB950N1 Headphone – REVIEW


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I personally bought these headphones to test.


Sony MDR-XB950N1 Headphone Review


→ Mazde – Wicked Wind
→ Ship Wrek & Zookeepers – Ark
→ Mapps – Insert Coin


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  • Still cowin e7 & cowin e7 pro just blows my ears away!!! Need review on cowin se7!!!!!!

  • Thanks for all the reviews they were awsome. Helped me get the xb-900n on sale for 178. They replaced my breaking klipsch kg-100. They are not as crisp as the klipsch, but since they dont have any wireless over-ear's that I could find and its hard to comes close to klipsch sound quality but bose (who lack bass) I went with sony and the custom EQ. Along with 30 hours, very nice noise canceling, adjustable ambient sound and bass boost, swip controls, and a clean look VERY NICE. I found there is no EQ when they are off an connected with the head phone jack you can turn them on and it kick back in for your custom made EQ settings.

  • As good as they sound, I don't reccomend buying them unless you're really carefull with it. They sound amazing, but the ABS plastic hinges on the sides are extremely brittle. Why they chose to make these critical parts this thin is beyond me.
    I was able to print replacement hinges with a 3D printer, so I'll be using them a while longer.
    You'd expect a more sturdy frame for this price.

  • Hi i have those. I loved them but not any more. Noice canceling is good for me but plastic is very bad. After 1,5 year it broken. I glue them and after 3 months in other place it brok. I glu them and after 1 month in nex 3 new places they broke. Thats sead. They are browking like hell. I realy was geltel with them. And it's so sad.

  • Yeah the hinges suck. They break after 3 years
    And sony told me it was due to "external influence" so they don't repair it.
    Never going to buy sony again.
    This comment was made by a disappointed xb950bt user

  • Is this one still worth having in 2010 or 2020 perhaps ? The price is like more than 200$ in my country but i dont actually care about it. As long as it's actually good i'm fine with it. I listen to EDM a lot so idk if this one fits that. The only thing i care is sound quality for EDM music ( some pop music as well ). If there are any others headphones out there that fit my need can u guys recommend it to me ( noise cancelling is nice to have but not a must ). Thanks in advancec. And btw the review is so professional. Well done sir.

  • After owning my beats studio 3s for a year, I just purchased these. I originally wanted the 2s, but didn't want to buy a refurbished pair. The 3s sound good, but there's not enough thump in the bass department.

    I tried the Skullcrushers before buying the beats… waste of money! The connection is trash. The bass is muddy. It's like listening to a bass booster app while your head shakes a bit. They made my ears hurt and gave me a headache… more than once.

    Can't wait to get these next week from UPS!

  • Which Sony's have more Bass? The mdrxb950b1 or these? Or does the Skull Candy Crushers you mentioned has more?

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