January 23, 2021

Sony MDR-ZX110AP Headphones Unboxing

Sony MDR-ZX110AP Android Version Headphones Unboxing

Product Information:


Colour Name: White | Style Name: With Inline Microphone



Headset Type: On-the-earEarpiece
Design: Over-the-head
Connectivity Technology: Wired


Impedance: 24 Ohm
Sensitivity: 98 dB/mW (Power On)
Driver Units: 30 mm
Frequency Response: 12 – 22000 Hz


Type: In-line Microphone


Connector Type: Gold Plated
Cord Type: 1.2 m


Color: White/Black/Pink
Weight: 120 g (without Cord)

Music: Anikdote – Which Direction? [NCS Release]

Nguồn: https://pcr-proven-hiv-cure.com/

Xem thêm bài viết khác: https://pcr-proven-hiv-cure.com/cong-nghe/

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  • it's this model better than normal Sony MDR-ZX110 and why? The product you maked review is a little more expensive and I don't know why…

  • So, i have those headphones, DO NOT BUY THEM. Their sound quality is bad, the phisical touches on the cable for lowering and uppering the volume stopped working after one month of use. The volume is low, you cannot keep them on the head for periods longer than an hour (because they aren't confortable, the cushions are too little and the headbamd will give you headache after an half hour; really not recommended for comfort). But they really are though: I bent them (not that much because they are totally made of plastic except for the cushions) I stratched the regulator for the head one hundred time and they didn't even make a "crick" or "crack", they also fold up so you can save space (but there's no transport cover for taking them everywhere you want, you can put them in your backpack or, if you have a big pair of pants, you can replace them in there… I disassemblated them and found that there is a "cover" before the driver of the headphones, that is probably the cause of the low volume at maximum. Those headphones are based on bass frequencies, you can still feel the mids and the (on my opinion) really shitty highs, because if you go over 80% volume it starts distort the music. Atleast you only spend 15€ for getting these… In my opinion you can spend 30$ more for getting a pair of Rock 'n Rebel On-Hear headphones, that are more comfy, slightly higher volume and a really good soundstage dislike those ones on this video.

    Hope this helped! Bye✌

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