January 18, 2021

Sony MH755 Review – Budgetfi LEGEND! 🔥 vs ZSN Pro, Bonus IE, 1More Piston Fits

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ZS10 Pro
Tin T2 Pro
Opera Factory OM1

Faaeal Snow Lotus
Monk Plus
Headroom MS16
EMX 500
Monk Plus

Chord Mojo
Hidizs Sonata
Hidizs Sonata

Nguồn: https://pcr-proven-hiv-cure.com/

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  • can you update the aliexpress link? the one you posted does no longer exist and there are a lot of fake ones

  • I want to buy this earphone , but your given link of ali express item is not available, there are other mh755 in Ali express which one is orginal can you update your link??

  • Just bought the mh755 for the tips, for my soon to arrive blon bl-03's. How do the two earphones compare? anybody?

  • i had a bad experience with them with the volume getting lower and lower. maybe i just bought bad re-cabled ones(tuneoutaudio) but nevertheless the sound quality , mids and highs were excellent for its price. though its built quality doesnt seem to last.

  • cable too short and without mic is a no go for me but the mh750 that sounds very close for $8 and has longer cable+mic is a great choice. mh750 compared to my zs10pro is more forgiving on poor audio as it smooths out details but lacks the super deep bass of the zs10 pro that i love. comfort wise the mh750 is better than zs10 pro because it is so tiny and light you dont notice it is in your ear and finally it is 1/5 the price of my zs10 pro so when i loose it or rip the cable off while running or biking i will only have $8 worth of tears. there are a few $3-$4 mh750 on aliexpress but i have a doubt these are fakes, i paid mine $8 on ebay, looking at comments to check for fake warnings.

  • I think it was a mistake to make these comparisons only using the stock Sony tips. They are very narrow bore and they dull the sound quite a bit. Much better to use Spiral Dots, in my opinion.

  • i have to disagree about the details

    it has very good detail on the lower and upper end

    EQ it a bit, very responsive on EQing, and it needs some amping to unleash the potencial

    if you dont have good details, you might as well have a fake…

  • ah the sony's. i really like them but i find them hard to recommend. first, the cable is the most useless cable on any of my iem/headphones; recabling or extension is required. there are also fakes, so there is another negative for recommending them. and lastly, imo, they need foam tips as the high sound a bit grainy without them.
    saying that, i would highly recommend for anyone willing to put up with the negatives. i find their sound signature to be very pleasing and natural sounding. no sibilance, no odd peaks, a little cut on bass and it gets rid of that boomy low end on them. once i eq them, i find they feel similar to my modded dt880's (toilet paper mod). once i added the foam tips, the grainy feel to the highs disappeared. i also like that the they have sub bass.
    i ordered a pair and tried them out. i ended up buying another three, recabled those three, and added dekoni tips as well. one of the recabled pairs is now my dedicated sleeping set as they are tiny and work well for that purpose (laying on the side and leaving them overnight are non issues with the sony).

  • you can also try mh750 6 $ has a tuning similar to mh755 but it comes with normal cable and with microphone


  • Great review and comparison. I love this format, quick comparison on other known IEM's. I just got my mh755's last week and got to mod them by replacing the cables with mmcx so I can use whatever cable I want. They sound really good to my ears specially now that I got to mod them.

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