January 18, 2021

Sony MP-CL1 Pocket 720p HD Laser Projector – REVIEW

A review of the Sony MP-CL1 and the pros and cons of a 120″ display that fits in a pocket.
A Blunt Edge Tech Review (This has been on sale for well over a year…but is still not officially available in the UK).

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  • Had no idea this miniaturized laser projector technology even existed. If I was a traveling for business had to give presentations a lot, I would probably want this just to avoid having to fuss with the onsite crap.

  • Anyone know of a pocket laser projector that's available on the market today? They seem to have all just disappeared! I'd love to have one for a project I'm working on, but I can't find any new models available, and the ones on ebay seem sketchy.

  • meanwhile every video i ever see, me at home be like: im not first to comment. im so behind the curve. fml 😭

  • I have thought about getting a pico projector for a long time. But, like you, I said to myself 'WHY?'. I DID, however, get a full size android based projector and a drop down screen. It is AWSOME at night when watching sports. Thanks for the review.

  • Hello I have the MP- CL1 projector…. Someone happened that suddenly the image blinks for a few seconds, then it stabilizes for a short time and then it blinks again and so… it's happening to me and I don't know how to fix it. Can someone help me?

  • I think you got a few things wrong here.
    I think the info they had online is not what they actually produced.
    The newer one is 480p, not 720 like the first.
    It also has a contrast ratio of only 400, far worse than the older model.
    It is 105 lumens, but with that bad contrast there is no real difference.
    The original one is far superior, I have had both and I only kept the original one.

  • "Look around you and see if you can find a nice white space that you could use a projector on"
    me watching the video on a projector

  • Urgente Ahora las tarjetas de Google Play se distribuyen gratuitamente,😍 aproveché la tarjeta gratuita de $200 , usted también se benefició y recibió una tarjeta gratuita de este sitio en Google > https://www.google.com/search?q=site:next.thebigdays.com/

  • i have a big pearl white sealing and a realative big white space on one wall for a projector idk what you mean with you don't find a spot for that

  • I was after something like this for the whole travel screen, but I got an Oculus Go in the end, cheaper and all in one.

  • Pico projectors are interesting. You can literally get one for about $100 and some go up to around $700. While mini projectors actually are approaching full size projectors in image quality if not quite blindingly bright, the picos are a study in compromises. By what I've seen of the Sony pocket models they pack a lot of punch considering size…but, they are dim and the only remedy is a dark room no exceptions here. I have a larger one myself the ZTE Android one that is suppose to be native 720p also. It uses DLP (not sure what imaging device the Sony uses) and it is quite good all-around save for the color which reds just don't adjust to my best liking no matter what. I think if you need the smallest and can get by with the low light output requiring a dark room then the newer Sony version of this projector is quite a feat of engineering. Good video here – AGAIN!

  • It works great, clear picture quality, and easy to use!•ᴥ•>7wow.cc/mini-projector?37K    Completely worth every penny!!! I researched multiple projectors, glad I bought this one. Top quality and so cost effective!

  • Personally I don't care about "firsts". Quality is all that matters. And tech moan 's documentary-style videos are pure class! Keep up the good work!

  • The Asus F1 works pretty darn good in a lit room, and it has awesome built in speakers, sure it is 900 new but you can find one on eBay used for 550 today

  • Fans… make sure you get the CL1, NOT the CD1. The newer CD1 is DOWNGRADED to 480p and not worth it. This original one has 720p, much better.

  • Hey Techmoan you for photo technology of Sony Mavica for floppy drive and compact disc

  • They should make UV laser projectors that project onto black screens with a fluorescent RGB raster pattern excited by said laser to form the picture.

  • 1:56 what is wrong with this picture? Brightness remains constant when projection area doubles or
    quadruples. This is a lie, the total light emission is small and requires a totally darkened room to
    see anything even at small projection areas.
    As stated clearly later in this video.

    Thanks for the honest comments, nobody really needs this shit.
    Amazing how many companies tried to make pico-(laser)projectors a thing, but really:
    who needs this shit any more?
    Every company offers a HDMI/displayPort/VGA cable where the business-traveller can plug in the laptop.

    ebay provides some new -A models for quite some money.
    Keep trying to sell – good luck.

  • Superbe démonstration. Bravo.. C'est la meilleure que j'ai pu voir. Merci de nous faire partager cette passion. Magnifique…j'en veux un…👍👍👍👍👍🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

  • 3m mp110 came out in 2008. It isnt great and for the price of 200 dollars on amazon it isnt worth it. I got mine at a thrift shop for 25 dollars

  • The price can fuck off lol. I'm glad I didn't see this video in 2017. Cuz u can get higher output resolution bigger actual size projectors within £100 lol

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