January 18, 2021

Sony PXW X70, A Cameraman's Review | Test Footage

This isn’t a ‘first impression’ or ‘box opening’ review. Here you’ll get to see footage in the rain, overcast and sun, interior test shots, interview set-ups, walking shots, tracking shots, extreme telephoto hand-held, including digital extender (which was impressive) as well as a side by side definitive comparison with the Sony HXR NX30 in regards to the active mode stabilisation on both cameras. This isn’t all posh footage. It’s run ‘n gun as many of you may use it. That said, the capabilities of this relatively inexpensive 1″ sensor camera capable of 50mbps to shoot amazing quality footage is well within your grasp.

Nguồn: https://pcr-proven-hiv-cure.com/

Xem thêm bài viết khác: https://pcr-proven-hiv-cure.com/cong-nghe/

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  • Un saludo amigo necesito una información, tengo esta cámara pero no he logrado comprar el software para ampliar a 4 K podria informarme donde consigo la actualización gracias.

  • They both are well put together. The NX30 seems to have a warmer tone while the X70 is more on the cooler side and more cinematic. I guess I just have that eye to truly see the difference. Being a photographer and videographer pays off.

  • Very nice video and answered most of my questions. Im sold on this camera for what I want. Thanks

  • Just now watched your review… Totally enjoyed it, great job great shots. Also subscribed to your channel, currently we are using Canon HFG 40's and pretty satisfied with the results, however the Sony PXW X70, very nice thank you!

  • Thank you. I appreciated your approach to this review, and will purchase your book, "Run and Gun Videography." I am the producer and host of a public access show through a small rural station and they have four of the PXW-X70's. I am now learning this camera to be able to shoot footage myself on location.

  • This is the best review I've ever seen of anything on YouTube. I watch a lot of reviews. Thank you for taking the time to do this.

  • excellent amateur video review. thanks you

    and to lauren's kitchen comment comparing him to morgan freeman is very inappropriate

  • I really enjoyed your review. So well done! Wonderful lighting, exposure, sound and your calm demeanor. You even dressed professionally. It is so nice to see a working pro do a review like this, not just someone looking for a bunch of subscribers.
    I approach my video shoots much like you do as far as lighting, shooting, etc. I am usually a solo shooter as well, so I may pick up your book. Anyway, thank you so much for this information. I will be renting this camera soon and this certainly helps me!
    From the southern USA.

  • Well done video. Curious, if you shoot in 4K, do you edit in 4K, or down convert to 1080p, and then proceed? 4K takes up a ton of space, and takes forever to down convert.
    Thanks again for posting.

  • I appreciate the time you took to do this review. You're not talking about yourself or showing off your gear, you're not screaming into your microphone and you actually showed decent footage comparing the X70 to its cousin. So hard to find reviews like yours.

  • Really appreciate your camera video reviews of the NX30 and this one, X70. Even at this late date, I'm interested in getting one but at a quandary as to which… beside the stabilization, 2 features that interest me are Stills and the ND Filter. Seems one model has one but not both. – Does the X70 do stills? You mentioned you took footage to pull a still off, but didn't demonstrate a still as you did with the X30.They don't seem to be featured together on either of these (I guess you can manually adjust the X30 – You'd think that the "upgraded" X70 would be the Still capability, although, I can work around that as you mentioned )… Question to you: Is there a comparable camera that includes both along with the stabilization? I'd be interested to know. Thanks in advance for your reply…

  • You are the best. I bought my nx-30 a while ago due to your review now I am about to upgrade to 4K with the 70. I run a very successful channel and the picture is thanks to you 🙂 🙏

  • Big question… I do a lot of corporate interview style shoots. Is this truly better than a 70d or 80d with a nice f2.8 lens?

  • I liked this camera, shot a corporate video with it, but one downside is that it feels flimsy. I'd recommend someone saving up to get the Sony Z150 instead, which feels really solid in your hands. By the way the X70 doesn't have 4k video right out of the box. You have to pay Sony around 500usd to get an upgrade patch to make it 4K. Once youve done that, when shooting 4k, it downgrades the X70 to shoot 420 video instead of 422. The Z150 gives you 4k right out of the box.

  • Question
    Hello video wishperer
    Do you stil use the sony pxw x70. I want to buy it…. Good idea , or are the better now?

  • Thank you for this wonderful review! I love your walking shots. Are these handheld using only the camera's image stabilizer? Or are you using a glidecam or some kind of gimbal stabilizer? Thank you, Robert

  • Thank you for a solid review. Do you find the Spot Focus and Meter useful. I so far find it difficult to use duet combinations of manuell/ auto disability of Iris and Focus. Further I think it lacs a couple of buttons like Peak and Zebra ON/OFF. WB Set and last but not least Assign 5 and 6 is hardly accessible with normal handheld use.

  • amigo, no se si me entiendes pero que perfíl de color usaste en el plano donde aparece la mujer? saludos

  • I bought this camera largely based on this review and other more positive reviews but I'm about ready to sell it. Honestly, highlight handling is atrocious on this thing! I didn't know any better when I watched this review – and I certainly appreciate the work done and the knowledge sharing – but for the money spent on this thing, it needs to handle highlights so much better. Look at anything white in a lot of these clips and you'll see it… blown highlights and it's VERY distracting in my videos and renders the footage not a lot better than the $500 handicam I replaced with it. You can play around with profile settings and improve things somewhat but if you don't know what you're doing, good luck, cause there isn't a lot of information on how to adjust the knee, slope settings.

  • Hello. I'd like to ask a question about this MPEG upgrade license.

    I must start by saying I'm not very knowledgeable on the technical aspects of a camera.

    What I would like to know; for someone who is most likely only going to shoot 'Full HD' (1080), what does this MPEG upgrade add?

    From my understanding of the X70's manual I see that only XAVC HD can film 1080/60 with 50Mbps, and AVCHD can film 1080/60 with a maximum of 28Mbps.

    Does the MPEG upgrade allow AVCHD to record 1080/60 with 50Mbps?

    Is that what the upgrade is basically about? Allowing better 1080 quality for AVCHD filming?

    thanks for your time

  • Very good video, The best ive seen, Thank you so much for spending your time in doing this review. I was close to buying the canon XF100 before realizing the file format issues. I am an artist and sailor, my goal is to make docu style vids for my drawings and mostly sailing vids, How to vids. i do believe this cam will be about the best i can find for my mac without having to use file converters. Thank you for any input you may have.

  • you are one of the best reviewers on YT, informative and I like your understated tempo. Subscribed. Still have to give it some more consideration before making final choice between nx30 and x70.

  • The X70 has a massive 1 inch chip. Its the best camera for lowlight shots Ive ever seen on a HD camcorder. I couldnt see any "degrade" of image on it. Whoever said that has never used one.

  • We just got one in and its setup is confusing to say the least -especially for a student still in school like me.

    Maybe you can help me out-
    My boss went out and record a bunch of stuff with it but cant view or edit any of the footage. That's because the format is MXF, which needs a separate converter/ player, which is an annoying extra step.

    So I would like to change the settings. What settings would I set the recording and audio modes on to get a file format that imports easily into Final Cut /Avid without having to convert or lose too much quality?

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