November 18, 2020

Sony RX100 IV Real World Review

Sony RX100 IV Real World Review from NYC. Click Here to access the full res JEPGS, download 8 RAW Files and read the 6000 word review.

If you would like to pick up one of these cameras you can do so on AMAZON

In the past I have primarily focused on doing reviews of just DSLR style cameras. But today there is a whole world of cameras that deserve the “Real World Review” attention. From Mirrorless to Micro 4/3rds to smart phones and even smaller point and shoot pocket cameras.

That’s why when Sony asked me if I would like to take the RX100 IV out for a spin I decided to say yes. Sony has been pushing the technology envelope in camera development over the past five years to some pretty astonishing results. In fact Sony makes the image sensors in most of the Nikon cameras that I have used over the years.

When I decided to say yes to review this camera I wanted to make sure I gave it a fair shake. The best way to review anything, in my opinion, is to do a “Real World Review”. That’s why I chose to take this camera up to NYC for the day and really put it to the test.


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  • Hello
    Which camera is better for photography and on a second place video? RX100 IV or G7X MK3? I look for camera with good usable ISO, sharpness lens and 360 movable screen 🙂 thank You 🙂

  • I don't know if I missed it because there are a lot of information in this video but can you switch the aperture ring to do focus instead?

  • Question. When u did the bloggidy think, the background of times square was all blurry. Is there a way to get both you in focus and the background of times square?

  • One of my favorites, seams like you were having a good time. Liked the A7 commercial.
    How does this compare to the VII ? Can be found used for $400 or less.

  • how much does that camera used to cost?, nowdays it costs around $600, anybody know a cheaper similar camera than that one?

  • Excellent review…top notch realsville. Bought this camera on eBay 2.5 years back before going to Europe. I wish I knew everything that you discussed on this video at that time but I did get mentored by a professional and knew how to do almost everything you talked about. I am now planning the “ out west “ trip and looking at the possibility of taking my existing ( or purchase a used ) 35 DSLR on that trip. The Sony I found to be an excellent user friendly camera to take excellent photos and be burdened by the bulk and weight of the DSLR’s. I am going to work on mastering the points you reviewed and keep honing my skill level on this little brut.
    I am know searching for more reviews by Jared to see about buying a used DSLR based on your YouTube Reviews.

    Good stuff and thanks for keep’n it real.

  • Awesome panoramic image of NYC. 👍👍👍👍👍 question…./did you shoot color and then convert to b&w? Thanks, Mark

  • I can't wait to get the RX100 VII but would also like to get the RX100 IV also after this fantastic real world review.

  • You can literally see him learn the strength and weakness of the camera with time passes, great job!

  • I need camera for lab pics-a lot of macro in the dark or on high contrast areas – half dark half light and for industry processes pics, fast pics and videos,not much time for taking pics that should be good AF because they tell you more about the process when you watch it over and over again. I need a review like this…

  • Hey Jared!

    Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge. I am a beginner in the photography world so I am soaking up all the info I can!
    I actually wanted to say I love your gear. Is it for sale? I am definitely interested in it!

    Thanks again for all the pro tips!!

  • I need a small back up to my Nikon D750 that is impractical and heavy with it's lenses. It's either this or a Google pixel 3 phone.

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