January 18, 2021

Sony RX100 VI (M6) vs RX100 V (M5) Side-by-Side Comparison! [4K]

Sony RX100 VI (M6) ➜
RX100 V (M5) ➜

Watch my Sony RX100 V Review:

Today I’m reviewing and comparing the new #SonyRX100VI camera vs the previous generation RX100 V (Mark 6 vs M5). Is it worth the upgrade?! The price is currently $1200, which isn’t cheap, however the Mark 6 packs some great new features, and that ultra-portable, compact, “pocket-sized” 1-inch sensor, 20.1 MP camera carries value and cost.

A few of my favorite features, the new lens is 24-200mm! That crazy optical zoom opens a world of fun and creative shots. The screen tilts a full 180º, 90 up and 90 down, perfect for overhead b-roll table shots, or down-low horizon shots. The screen offers touch-focus which is intuitive and warmly-welcomed. We can now shoot 4K HDR (HLG) footage, which produces gorgeous, true-to-life-like colors, dynamic range, and extensive post-production creative control. Lastly, we still have the HFR (High Frame Rate) recording, up to 1,000 FPS!! That’s life slowed-down up to 40X, which is like a blink of an eye lasting forever – it’s beautiful and amazing and so fun to play with!

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My Gear Used In This Video:
Main A-roll camera:
Electric Unicycle:
Side-by-side camera mount:
Selfie stick: + tripod legs:

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Thanks so much for watching! Let me know your thoughts on each camera down in the comments!

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  • I was wondering whether I should get the m5 or m6 and you convinced me with the zoom. I don't actually care about the compactness so much, but this is the only camera with that nice HFR video.

  • thease cameras having high fps…. which is great advantage… sad that u dint even mentioned about fps…

  • Please get off the band wagon. It is NOT a 1" sensor. That is marketing fraud. It is the same size as the ancient Nikon 1 J5 et al.

  • Hi, just a question: is this a review? if it is, WHY did you compare the zoom and tounch and NOT the low light and the near lenght and the night and xmas lights??? you may become a big surprise!

  • The touchscreen can't be used to navigate the UI because the touch sensitive screen is segregated into distinct segments. The segments correspond to the focal acuity of the visual field.

  • NICE AWSM VIDEO …please will u make a comparison video of RX10 M4 vs RX 100 M6…i know these are diff cameras …but want to clear out if rx 100 can close in on rx10 on some level …esp image quality ! thank you !

  • I'd rather have the 5 for the most part it's never gonna go beyond my face for vlog but that touch to focus is a need as well.

  • Is it possible to have the whold scene in focus? rather than just what's close to you? and does it record in 60fps?

  • Cool Video !!! Nice !!
    i also use the rx 100 mark 6 .. in my latest video on my channel. I am very excited about it and the sound is also totally clear. If you are interested, stop by. The only thing that bothers me is the big proud price.

    many Greetings

    ich nutze auch die rx 100 mark 6 .. in meinem neuesten video auf meinem Kanal. ich bin mega begeistert davon und der Ton geht auch total klar. Bei Interesse schaut doch mal vorbei. Das einzige was mich stört ist der heftige stolze Preis.

    Viele Grüße

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