October 26, 2020

Sony SBH50 Stereo Bluetooth Headset /w NFC Review

This is my Full Review of the SBH50 Stereo Bluetooth Headset /w NFC from Sony.

Features of the SBH50
– Bluetooth 3.0
– Multipoint connectivity
– FM radio with RDS
– OLED Display 128 x 36 pixels

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Somy SBH50 Stereo Bluetooth Headset /w NFC –
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  • I've owned it for like three years, and it still works great. Great low end sound, and really comfortable.

  • Hey guys, please help me choose! I know i might be late, but i could really use some help. So i'm constantly debating on what to get. It's either this 3:
    The sbh70
    The sbh80
    The sbh20
    Please comment down below 🙂
    Thank you

  • This thing is simply EPIC… I use it and the sound quality and the range is mind blowing… the NFC is pretty smart thing to use… i just tap on the back of my nexus 5 and it launches the walkman or preferred music playing app and also turn on the sbh50 and gets auto paired… Noise isolation is pretty damn kool… i never expected it that good for such cheap price (got that for 80 bux) . just download couple of sbh50 app on your fone from play store and create your profile, you're all set… i've used MANY other receivers but sony is kickass… It reads you the status of your facebook, can dial the numbers from this, read the texts and of course the radio… the battery is also long lasting one… so if you wanna get one, just go for it… don't hesitate…
    PS: the only drawback is , it doesn't turn off automatically when it's unused or not in range or you turn off the bluetooth of your fone and leave that disconnected .

  • Anyone having issues with the extra features (text notifications, call log) on a LG Nexus 5? I installed the software on my phone but it doesn't show up in the notification bar. With another phone (sony xperia z2) it does work perfectly fine, so maybe it's not supported on LG Nexus 5 devices?

  • Is wroth to buy?. If i using same aux output. Sbh50 and sbh20 have same quality?
    I wanna buy sbh20 because a prize..but… Now. Its complicated when i see sbh50…

    Sory for bad english

  • Hi  this is prasad from hyderabad iam using oneplusone and i want to buy the sony SBH 20 or SBH 50 or SBH 52, right now my friend have sony SBH20 and i was try to connect with bluetooth but invain it was not connected, and i also try with NFC it is unable to connect will you please suggest me how to connect. or is sony SBH20 is compatible or not with ONEPLUSONE

  • HI man, I use to have the old version, mw600, I love them except one thing, you can't charge it and use it at the same time, and the slider volume, was not very helpfull, I can see this one has volume buttons, but can you charge it and use it at the same time? 

    kind regards 

  • Has anyone used this as a Skype headset?  If so, can the SBH50's mic be muted/unmuted by pressing one of its buttons during Skype conference calls?

  • Hello!I bought this handsfree and when someone call me can not hear a ring from it!!I installed smart connect programm but i can't make it ring to insert calls.
    How i make it ring?

  • you could just plug the earphone on the cellular its all… why need 2 things in ur pocket …. like… whats the use of it 2 have 2 things in ur pocket . very useless

  • Hey ash i had used sony MW600 & MW1 before.
    MW1 sounds great. ….
    But i faced trouble to get better fit with MW1 and also when you move here and there with it,
    It make unpleasant noise and sensation due to uncomfortable fit. (i think it is due to new design of ear piece in mw1 )
    So i sold it but now i want to get a new stereo bluetooth with great sound quality & comfort also..
    So should i get sbh50, sbh 52, sbh80,jabra tag or any other suggestions

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