January 17, 2021

Sony SBH54 Black Stereo Bluetooth Headset Unboxing{English}

Hello Guys Welcome to another of my unboxing

So this time we will be unboxing the new Sony Sbh54 bluetooth
Stereo headset as i had the sbh 50 in the past unfortunately the one ear pad went in water with not playing very well.
So i thought a long time on upgrade on the new sbh54 that came with the z5 line when i was thinking on buying the z5 but now is not the case anymore cause
I want the new XZ xperia that i like also very much but more cause of cpu and gpu specs memory etc….
Any way hope you enjoy thumps up the video if you like HELPS A TON
it if you dont you know what to do …

Leave a Comment if you want to ask somethink about the device

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Sony Official Website:

Amazon shop us:

Main Specifications:
SBH54 is optimized for devices running on Android 4.3 and onwards


Talk time: up to 4h Streaming time: up to 8h Standby time: 300h
Charging time: 1h

Core unit: 18.6g Core unit with upper part: 26.8g

17.7 x 16.8 x 70 mm incl. clip

In-ear wired headset Indicators Vibration Control Voice Commands (BT VAD)

3.5 mm connector Connectivity NFC One touch Bluetooth 3.0
VoIP (HSP)****

Bluetooth Profiles
Handsfree profile (HFP) v1.6 Headset Profile (HSP) v1.2
Advanced Audio Disribution Profile (A2DP) v1.2
Audio Video Remote Controle Profile (AVCRP) v1.4

Standalone FM Radio* HD voice** Echo, wind and noisecancellation***
Host application for Android

* Only with wired upper part ** Network and mobile handset dependent
*** Single mic, for call only **** Not optimised for any VoIP apps

Nguồn: https://pcr-proven-hiv-cure.com/

Xem thêm bài viết khác: https://pcr-proven-hiv-cure.com/cong-nghe/

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