January 17, 2021

SONY VW695ES 4K PROJECTOR Review (VW570ES) Home Theater Upgrade

We review the 2019 Sony VW695ES 4K projector.

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Review Room:

Equipment used for review:
Sony VPL-VW695Es 4K projector:
Sony 65A1E:
Sony 75X900F:
XPAND X105-RF-X1 3D glasses:
Integra DRC-R1:
Oppo 203:
Rotel Amplification
Arendal Sound Monitor S THX:
SVS PB-16:
SVS PC-4000:
Shot on Panasonic GH5:
Sigma 16mm :

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  • I don’t think this projector has Auto Lens Cover. At the price they are selling this for it seems a little selfish on Sony’s part. Sony just lost me.

  • hello, does Panasonic ub9000 plays torrent files like netflix tv rips rips with "DolbyDigital Plus" sound ? stereo PCM thru spdif coax output ? all sony bluray players plays video , but no sound. for example Witcher, or Altered carbon series.

  • Great video just wondering have you seen the new JVC is and how does this projectors Blacks compared to n5 n7 are you going to upgrade to a JVC or is a Sony better cheers vsl

  • And you thnk that this is FAR better than the Epson 6050UB at half the price? Cmon man. apples for apples…..Epson with its 3 year, next day replacement warranty is king!

  • Was going on bro love the videos how do you use 2.35 screen when u have a movie like Aquaman that has more than one ratio

  • Great review, quick question. The vent fan, is it quiet? I have a small room and my current sharp is a little loud, Thanks

  • I appreciate all the effort you put into doing thorough reviews. Thank you. I am curious why you use a fixed anamorphic lens given you have a black room? The argument against using lens memories is the light spill when projecting against lighter surfaces. That obviously isn’t an issue in your room. Projecting through an extra layer of funky glass? Why do it? I’m sure someone with your gear and the research you do knows that anamorphic lenses don’t give you more information in the 2:35 portion of the image. You can’t manufacture real information out of nothing. The pixels that comprise the vertical resolution doesn’t change with an anamorphic lens. People who claim otherwise just don’t understand how these things work. Anyway, curious as to your reasoning.

    Also, it’s worth warning people that the 4096 pixel count does mean light spray to the sides of the image given consumer content contains ‘only’ 3840 pixels.

  • Hello can u give me a link of where u got those head pillows u have in ur cinema chair? Been looking for that for ages

  • Why do you put crap on pixel shifters Shane? Have you ever had a good look at a dlp pixel shifter…? I presume not…

  • Hey Shane, love your content every new 4K movie that drops we're eagerly awaiting your review to see how it would perform in our set up!

    I had a question about your 695 Projector and Panamorph Lens though; after very extensive research we've decided to invest in the same projector and lens to achieve the 2.39:1 Cinescope Setup!

    But with some content being 16 x 9, Widescreen, and IMAX how is it all being viewed with the Panamorph Lens? I assume a movie that transitions between aspect ratios from 2.39:1 to IMAX (i.e. The Dark Knight) you get black bars on the left and right but are you losing any information on the top and bottom? Are you changing internal setting on the projector when viewing any 16 x 9 content or does the lens not distort that; OR do you have to remove it everytime? I'm just so confused and I want it to look the best it can be! Thanks so much for your help in advance!

  • In planning research stages of home theater. My issue with projectors is that it does not have the picture quality of a good tv, Oled, etc. Yes get a good size, but it's hard to pass up the wow factor of my OLED. One solution if it pans out is to get the Samsung Microled 146" modular screen. Can't see spending 10Gs on something that isn't as good as my OLED. Bigger screen size yes, and if acousitc transparent screen is used can hide speakers behind it, so that is a plus, but I love my clark griswold looking at his christmas lights turn on face wow factor. IF the MicroLed pans out and is as advertised soultion solved Just have to sell the house to buy it:-)

  • at $10k Sony not throwing in an automatic lens cover like epson does under $1,400 epson 4000 is flat out absurd. Sony and Apple must be the same company.

  • Nice Review.I have a Epson eh tw 7300 Projector and it is a FAUX-K .The Picture looks nice.It is a lcd thath means it is very bright but has weak black levels.For the living room it works just fine with 2300 lumens.I baught the Epson for 1400 Euro .With the lens shift that you cant get with most Dlp projectors this is a great Price.The Sony Projectors start at 2000 Euro in Germany for a Full hd only but they have better black levels.The Sony you Reviewed is totaly out of my range i only see this ones at Grobi store in Kaarst Germany.

  • Great review as always. Luv your videos. I actually have a subwoofer question for you. I know you are running a pb 16 ultra as well as a svs cylinder style 4000. I myself am running dual pb 4000’s. I was watching black panther the other day and during the closing credits there is a mid bass beat that I would not call especially clean. I happened to notice what I felt to be some unwanted noise from the driver. Now this may just be the signal in the soundtrack and both subs have the same sound. Spare change if you own black panther on 4K would you mind giving it a listen during this passage. I value your opinion. Now this sound is faint and this is with my ear roughly 8 “ from the driver. I’m more interested in how the pb 16 sounds during this passage. If you have the time I would greatly appreciate it.

  • My fear with projectors are Size and cabling. In a normal sized apartment or townhouse living room is a projector simply too big? Especially by the time you set up a screen? I would never want to watch a wall projection. And how do people deal with cabling? I have 5 or 6 Devices connected to my tv and it looks like a nightmare, but I'd imagine it'd be worse with a Projector sitting in the middle of an apt sized living room? I love the idea of not lugging around a tv whenever I need to move anymore. And you can get a complete set screen and 4k projector for under $2,500.

  • But uhds aren't native 4k….Btw I love motion flo! So glad to see the feature! I used to think it was only a tv thing. I refuse to buy a tv if it doesn't have motion flo

  • What HDMI cable are you using my project will be approximately 30 feet from the rack so what do you recommend

  • Shane you don't use reality creation??? RC is the best thing/feature on all 4K/2K SONY projectors including mine VW1000 i even using RC now on my 64GB Apple TV 4K in combination of OPPO 93/Denon X7200 during Jack Ryan 4K series on Amazon Prime + on all UHD Netflix contents because all Sony projectors 4k or not have a soft picture image without RC so try my set up: sharpness = +5
    reality creation = +15, my screen size (16:9 elect..multi 8 frames options) is 120 inch/3 meters wide

  • What screen do you have? Do you recommend a curved screen? I'm currently shopping projectors and screens 🙂

  • lucky enough to own the LS10000 epson laser and sony 260 native 4k (2018 enterance model) using the pana 9000 player. All bluray goes thru the 10000 (av forum preferred settings) and all UHD hdr thru the sony. (yes if its 16:9 its back to the epson as i have a 130" 2.35/1 screen)) do not dismiss pixel shifters, for bluray the 10000 and 10500 are untouchable, in a blind test many preferred the epson, (settings are everything though, out of the box, not great) and i agree. sony lazer would probably convnce me back to a single beamer in the room.
    A great walk thru of your thoughts on the unit. dee from Oz.

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