January 18, 2021

Stifled – The Finale ( TRUE ENDING ) Manly Let's Play [ 2 ]

The finale and ending of Stifled, video contains both of the final choices and true ending. After going through all these echolocation areas we find out the “why & when” of the game.

Stifled Info:
Stifled Playlist:

“You takin the blue or the red pill.”

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  • Everytime I see a red balloon it reminds me of the little boy holding the red balloon on the old rpg wild arms. and when you talk to him everything goes bad

  • Really wish the echolocation thing actually interwove with the plot and narrative in a coherent way. As it was, it was a neat concept but just seemed tacked on as a gimmick with no real reason to be there. Why the hell would reliving symbolic monster versions of your memories in VR play out as echolocation? It didn't really try to make sense of that at all.

    Similarly, my biggest problem with "all the plot is in missable notes" games is that they just damage the game by the end. It's fine to have some extra details in notes, but I left the game still not knowing anything about why he saw things as he did. I thought the crying kids in cages would be something about how children feel growing up in orphanages because it mentioned adoption, but that never really ended up adding up with the narrative. I thought the screaming water monster was supposed to be the wife lashing out, but why would she be an invisible water monster? It was all just kind of… there, and didn't serve anything other than being cool concepts thrown at a wall with no substance. Pretty disappointing as a whole picture.

    Game thoughts aside, I can confirm that I have personally watched Gilligan's Island but never seen Adventure Time. A miracle.

  • Werid ending? Not sure it fit well with what it was doing but neat game the echo location was a interesting trick.

  • what if when the baby was born rose and the baby died and they are now tormenting him so he has to take anti-depressions and the anti-depressions are making him experience hallucination and when he took them in the car while driving he crashed and is now in a deep coma

  • Tbh if I had to describe this game since you made the comparison briefly its basically "Layers of Fear except actually done really well". No offense to LoF of course I just felt like it was kinda generic as a horror game despite being sold as something more interesting. This did more its own thing is a pretty unique game mechanic and while its story did have a bit of cliche with the whole miscarriage aspect it handled the whole thing a lot better than most stories that use that trope and I'm VERY happy the twist wasn't some bullshit about the protag being crazy and/or being the one that killed his partner. That shit is beyond overdone I like that he just… built a super computer and we were literally just playing through his memories. That's not done nearly as much it almost gives this a To The Moon type vibe if anyone remembers that really good indie game from some years ago.

    So that's what I have to say about it.

  • The first video? Scared me crapless!
    The second video? I skipped about half of it.

    It's a real shame that this game lost steam halfway though. It seems like the inspiration ran out so they began copying Amnesia and Layers of Fear. Don't get me wrong, those are good games in their own right but if I wanted Amnesia I'd play/watch Amnesia.

    There's something about echolocation that is way scarier than a dark area with a crappy flashlight. Probably because sighted people say that blindness would have a bigger impact on their quality of life than cancer, AIDS and all kinds of awful diseases that cause painful deaths.

  • The game does accurately describe itself, it's stifled. I think we can all agree the main selling point of the game is its echolocation mechanic. Despite that, it felt like it was shoehorned into the story. The mechanic didn't add anything of significance to the story that other mechanics/design choices previously seen in other games Manly played couldn't have done. I'm not faulting the mechanic here however, the story and its premise really held it back. I prefer the original premise in Lurking instead, they could've expanded more on the mechanic itself and add a much larger variety of gameplay elements had the developers chosen to expand on their original vision. I'm disappointed with the developers to be honest, they had a really interesting mechanic here and they chose to stifle it for the story. I hope they make another game with the same mechanic, but expanded upon as previously mentioned.

  • Too challenging for me to play. I'm no good at games like this (especially water worlds–I do good just to get through Crash Bandacoot). Needless to say I have mixed feelings with the story and game overall. I like the premise of echolocation but I felt, for this sort of tale, it was unneeded. The story is a tad cliched but still rings true for a lot of people. PTSD manifests in many ways.

  • OK, some of you guys may already know this, but they are making another crimson gray. Crimson Gray:Dusk and Dawn. i wanted to point this out because people liked the other crimson gray. so i was just wondering if you could try it. (it isn't fully out yet.)

  • I wish this had been a lot less metaphorical/allegorical and a lot more "you're actually somehow using echolocation and there are actually scary monsters", like the original was. The miscarriage plot or whatever comes across as… fake deep?

  • So, anybody else liked Lurking more? Even though it was more basic (escape hospital with spooky sound powers and monsters). In this game sound stuff doesn't even really make sense.

  • For the low low price of a small estate you to can have your very own vr world, all you need to do is call us and we can cram your house full with computers!

    I don't have any strong feelings for this game, it was neat I guess, but it's not the type of game I'll remember a couple of months from now.

    I have seen a couple of people say it's very similar to P.T. but I don't see the resemblance beyond the fact you walk around and things happen, but maybe that's just me.

  • I fully agree that the game needed one more echolocation segment because I was fully surprised by this being the finale when I read the title, I was certain there would be more to it. I'm not dismissing the game for being too short, I just wish it had more. The water monster was nice, but it feels off as a final threat.
    As for the ending, that actually hit me harder than if it had just been a dream or his guilt. It shows me that Dave obsessed about this from the day his wife killed herself to the day he died. Assuming he was in his 20's when he fought in the war, that means he was at least 70 when he died. Dave spent over half his life thinking about how it all happened, to the point that once tech allowed it he just relived it over and over until he finally had the strength to die awake.

  • I wish this was more than a walking simulator with a sob story.
    that screaming is the most obnoxious shit i've ever heard in my entire life, wish he had muted half way through

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