January 17, 2021

The BEST RGB Lighting (Nanoleaf ► Hue ► LIFX ► Floodlights)

We picked 4 of the best and most varied RBG lighting that you’ll see on the internet, tested them, and weighed out the pros and cons. Which would you choose?




LIFX Beam ►►
Nanoleaf ►►
Philips Hue ►►
Floodlight ►►


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  • I was set the order the LIFX but was still a little torn between that and the cheap flood lights. I love the look and options with the LIFX but really like the price of the floods. My wife intervened. As a streamer that makes very little money off of this, which I'm sure a lot of you reading this are the same, she asked me what the return on investment is on both of them. I said, "well, right now, roughly zero for each one" lol I just ordered two the flood lights from the links in the description. Hopefully once some more money starts coming in an upgrade will be done but I thought it was a brilliant question that was asked and wanted to share!

  • I'm a bit confused on the appeal of the beam lights. If you can just get led strip lights and put a diffuser panel over them, isn't that accomplishing the same thing?

  • Can you do a video of how you create videos? from recording to editing, which program, and your methods? Thanks

  • U can use the app ifttt to set up lifx to go off for subs and stuff. It can even auto post things across social media

  • I have the "whatever this is" that is said at 5:22. They are called play light bar I love them, they are great and light up the walls behind me quite well. Obviously they have a whole slew of colors that you can use and they are super easy to use. you do still need the hub but once you have it then any other lighting you want to get from them is a relatively decent price. you can get them where the case is either white or black and they come with two different stands so that you can lay it down like it shows in the picture in this video or you can stand them up vertically.

  • 6:35 That setup alone won’t achieve the effect you had in mind because all it is is a big fat bulb directly behind an image slide. The result will be very blurry and unrecognizable. You would need at least a single lens element somewhere between the slide and the projection surface to get it in focus and the light would have to be ridiculously bright. Hope that seemed more helpful than condescending.

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