January 20, 2021

Using The Sony NEX-3 For Video – Best Camera Under $80? (2019)

In this video I discuss shooting video with the Sony NEX-3. This camera really surprised me with the video quality even considering all of the downsides! Watch the whole video to see some test footage I took with this camera!

Adapter for Vintage Lenses:

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Using The Sony NEX-3 For Video – Best Camera Under $80?
Using The Sony NEX-3 For Video – Best Camera Under $80 in 2019?

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  • Check out my review of this cameras bigger brother! The NEX-5N is definitely a better value especially with its 1080p 60fps and manual video controls. Click the link to see it >>>>>> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WxtQK4mulSY

    CAN YOU EXPLAIN HOW I CAN SHOOT VIDEO THROUGH MY PC? any help would be appreciated.
    i am trying to use it to shoot my podcast i am getting ready to start.
    side note… any links or help with explaining banner settings in photoshop to create full banner like yours.
    thank you , and have a great and safe day.

  • nex 3 and 5 has an awful video settings mod. i mean you cant change them because it has auto exposure and it cant be turned off

  • I recommend the NEX-3F. The price difference compared with the NEX-3 is insignificant but the specs (e.g. 1080p video support) are better. I got one for 110 € and this camera really rocks. I have also a Sony A6000 and a A7S and this little gem is a great addition to my setup and for sure a great start for a on budget vlogger. Since the NEX-3F got released some years after the NEX-3 you have more features for your creative work.

  • Hi, I just shot a video using this camera with a PK optical zoom lens. However, the videos are grainy, unlike yours. I was wondering what was wrong? Was it maybe my settings? What setting did you use for your video? I do am a newbie in video making. 🙂

  • Adam, this is great. I just bought a NEX-3N for similar reasons. I bought an A6400 earlier in the year and I started using vintage lenses and I wanted a camera that was dirt cheap and had a 16-50mm oss lens. I wish I started with this NEX-3N. Thanks for Sharing!

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