January 19, 2021

VIRGINIA – 100% Full Game Walkthrough – All Achievements/Trophies & Collectibles – Feathers/Flowers

VIRGINIA – 100% Full Game Walkthrough – All Achievements/Trophies & Collectibles – Feathers/Flowers

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[6:10] – Aleph – After turning the alarm off 3 times, go to the bathroom, and eventually go to leave your apartment. You’ll be in a cab, look out the window to the right at the Virginia sign to unlock his.
[8:00] & [57:00] – Toet – First, after exiting the elevator, pick up the red glasses on the chair to the left. Then, much later on, during a small montage of moments with the FBI, you’ll be in a room with the PA. Look over at her as she touches her glasses and this will unlock.
[10:20] – Flea – After going to your partner’s office, she’ll show you the red folder, she’ll leave and you’ll be transported to a car with her. Immediately change the radio station.
[11:25] & [14:45] – Meda – Take the sugar packet on the left of the dinner table. Also, while sitting at the gas station, inspect your sun visor to find the food menu. The next time you return to your apartment, there will be a mess and this will unlock.
[12:12] & [33:15] – Iris – You’ll need to find two documents for this. During the first visit, find a document in the garbage bin in the corner of the first room. Then after picking the lock to get in later, read the note on the kitchen counter to unlock this.
[21:35] – Madam – After entering the cave which then collapses, drink the cup of coffee multiple times when prompted.
[22:20] & [1:12:20] – Benway – At the police station, you’ll spawn in the basement morgue. Do not interact with the bird on the table. First, inspect the small wooden figure near the glue to pick it up. Much later on, you’ll be seeing things through other people’s eyes. You see a wooden boat in front of you, and this will unlock.
[25:10] & [1:00:40] – Dead Road – As soon as you enter your apartment, pick up the flyer by your feet. Later on in your apartment, look at the train car on your table.
[31:54] & [41:20] – Ganesha – At the observatory, in the far right side of the the bottom floor, pick up the pendant on the floor. Later on, after interviewing the priest at the police station, exit the interrogation room, and go to the right to find another pendant near the fire extinguisher.
[34:49] & [48:55] – Lemon – As you enter the bar, take the red bandana/handkerchief on the right. Then, on Friday, look to your right in the diner at the waitress to notice her red bandana.

Red Night is unlocked by completing the game once; in a single sitting.
Ariadne is unlocked for watching the credits.
Doam is unlocked by playing the game through twice.

Mausoleum & Fever – Unlocked for all the flowers; shown in the video.
Beatruce & Paris – Unlocked for all the feathers; shown in the video.

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