January 20, 2021

What is Adventure quest like after 17 years?

AdventureQuest is an online Flash-based single-player role-playing video game started in 2002 and currently developed by Artix Entertainment. As of March 5, 2019, aq.battleon.com, the game’s hosting website, and www.battleon.com, the game’s homepage, have an Alexa rating of 54,521.

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  • OK SO LIKE….I CANT REMEMBER THIS DUDES NAME AND I CANT FIND HIM ANYWHERE. he had like…a fringe and was a spell caster or something, and he was super serious and edgy but was a good guy overall.
    its like im the only person who remember him!

  • I needed this video to find out what the fuck what going on with this game. I want to play as a guardian finally and shit. The fact the opening screen is the same is amazing!

  • i'm brazilian and here this game was also very famous, i played it my whole childhood and these days i wanted to see what had happened to him haha. And when I was little I didn't understand anything about English so I played without understanding anything that was happening hahaha, luck of you who speak English and managed to play understanding everything.

  • I was a guardian when i was a kid my cousin got me into the game it was hella awesome.. even used to play it at school as it wasn't that popular compared to stuff like runescape and they hadn't blocked it lol

  • I played this as a kid and adventure quest world and yesterday i came back after years and managed to get back to my old acount or at least one of them since i had 2 but i think it's my main, so i made a new acount to get back into it and all, the game is still enjoyable.

  • This is absolute garbage I’m talking about the game
    I remember it was way cooler annd more fun

  • My brother became and x guardian and intended up getting the red button armour thing which killed you the more you used it. Also making pet rocks was fun

  • I just wish they add this game on mobile and play it without the internet. Like hell, the story and content is already finish years ago.

  • I remember that if you played this game on mozilla firefox there was a code that you could type into your browser that could make the enemies health go down to 0. And they would instantly die after their turn.

  • I created my account around 2006 or so and I remember playing all day everyday for like 2-3 years. After that I was heavily off, I’d come back play a couple months then not touch it again for many months. I remember when the best armors were the uber 4 (shadow, rein, golden, nemesis) and the epic as-guardian as well as the fujin set.

    I have two accounts one lvl 141 mage and a 143 warrior and the game plays SO different vs the vanilla days. You could still technically play like how it was back then, but the hard monsters… are really hard unless you’re able to burst them down with a “nuke”. There’s so much strategy behind the nukes that I still can’t really comprehend pulling it off. I kept up with the some of the requirements to pull it off but I just can’t lol. Still really fun to play during these days I play it here and there

  • Man I've been playing artix games since aqws beta 11 years ago. Been in AQ3D most often now days. It's changed so much

  • all i remember from this game was playing at school breaktimes in the computer room with a few friends, and killing everything with that OP plunger.

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