January 18, 2021

Which Sony Mirrorless Camera Should You Buy?

I share my thoughts on which Sony Mirrorless Camera You should buy in 2018. Guide: (Focused on the US Market)

✅(3) Prime Lenses for your Sony a6000:
✅(5) Sony 50mm FE Lenses to Check Out:
✅My Favorite Sony Sports Lenses:
✅My Photo and Video Editing Laptop:
✅(5) Sony 24-70mm Lenses to Check Out:
✅My Sony Sports Photography Gear:
✅My Favorite Sony Accessories:
✅My YouTube Film Kit:
✅My LiveStream Kit:

Affiliate Disclaimer: Most if not all links mentioned in the description are affiliate links for Amazon and possibly B&H Photo Video.

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  • 13:41 I wish I had this problem. When you have so many cameras you can’t find the one you’re looking for.

  • So to you , Sony a7iii is very good in a professional video recording ?
    I'm thinking of getting me one .. kind of debating between a9 and a 7iii …
    Thanks for replying back …

  • I used to own the a6000, just dropped it off a bridge and since they couldn't fix it due to excessive damage the GM @ best buy offer me the a6400 @ a discount.

  • ve had the a6000 and Ive been looking for a good wireless mic since it does not had a mic input on the side are there any mics you suggest?

  • Get the expensive camera, so my affiliate kickback is a little bit higher🏄🏼‍♂️ dislike button was my choice

  • Starting out in a daily vlogs looking dr a good camera for video and pic would like stable in body

  • This is a very helpful video. Especially the recommendation of lenses for specific applications like Vlogging. Most camera reviews only talk about the specs which is easily available on the websites. But the additional information of kits and specific strengths is what is missing.

  • I think I messed up,I wish,I should of looked on YouTube to see what camera to get but I went to the store and got a Sony DSC-H300 ,I wish,I looked on YouTube first

  • I used to be a Nikon-guy. I went from the Nikon D800 to the Sony RX10M4. I just recently purchased the A6000 with the kit lens. This was the demo camera at my local store, and I got it for a very good price. I am looking at purchasing one more A6000 because I like the camera. Then I can have one camera mounted on my DJI Ronin SC at all time.

  • my friend has this camera with a battery pack and the battery starts dying after 1 hour. So the camera sucks.canon battery pack last all day

  • someone that's looking to save money & lighter gear…. converting from Canon to Sony for outdoors, wildlife and possibly portraits… a7rII, A7rIII or A7 III? also looking at the 70-200 2.8

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  • I bought the sonya5100 2 years ago because I wanted a vlogging camera. I’m not mad at the camera but it’s time for an upgrade I still want to shoot great quality videos travel/lifestyle but i also want to take better photos. The a5100 doesn’t have a mic jack so I def need that and it heats up so fast that I lose momentum while filming makeup tutorials. Eventually I want the a7sii but I’m not that rich right now lol. What would you recommend? I was looking at the a6400 but I don’t want to just have to buy another camera in a year or two. I’m always buying cameras it seems and I’m tired 😂 one camera does something the other one doesn’t

  • So I’m setting up my vlog for youtube to share platform (screen) with others guest should I get the Sony A6300 or Sony A6500. Also will be taking still photos for my Instagram and blog site. Will you please extend your advice? Thx

  • You look like you know , ok boss I got 6400 had video shoot I set it 4K in the sting now I can’t get the videos out of it I got error-2041 invalid sample description found in the movie (C0019.MP4) that’s what I got after filming I couldn’t get the film out of the camera as normal with 6000 , file type in the probty is MPEG-4 movie (. Mo4) ,, do u have any explanation 🙏🏻

  • "if" I have $2,000 bucks, I'd go for a Paris or Rome vacation and pick up a used A6000 with kit lens from ebay or Amazon. To me is the best combination package. Best location is always worth more than the picture quality.

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