October 26, 2020

Why asking for notations is useless in fighting games example

Why are notations useless? Well look at this.. I do the exact same command.. it produces 2 completely different results. And this is a easy example. If there is ever a secret to doing something i have no problem saying it. but asking for notations will not help.

This is what happens with games now a days when you have such a completely absurd buffer system with trying to make things easier certain things just dont happen with commands. Theres actually some combos in this game and you can literally input a completely different command and get a different move with a different button. im not joking…

Anyway just cuz this tiger knee stuff comes up a lot, trust me tiger kneeing in this game can be fucked up for certain things because the game buffers unintuitively despite the same command

Anyway so not only does it look ugly, but if I wanted to, I could actually input different commands while doing it, and get different results. So who is actually learning anything here?


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  • I think a lot of people missed the point of this video.. did people even see the notations??? So lemme get this straight, when people ask how I do something(which again if ever there is a secret I post it in the description.. or are people forgetting those teen gohan discord losers who use to say i lied in the descriptions how to do stuff and it was fake.. only to then tell people they found out how to do it, and posted exactly what i did later on)if there is a trick whatever.. lots of times..there is no trick. Its just straight up timing.. asking how i do these tiger knee banshee blast combos, when I have said for specific ones they are JF and very tight.. look here..the input and notation is not different.. having the notation will not help you. You just have to learn how to time it.. think about this… remember when people would not share my guilty gear videos because one of the reasons I would do kys f+hs frc in combos.. a combo i used as a bnb in every match.. that it was over a year before even a japanese guy attempted it in a combo video.. something i was using as bnb stuff, and did way more crazy stuff in combo videos.. it was just a f+hs after frc.. no notation would have taught you how to do that. There is no trick, nothing is being hidden. Its just litterally how you time it. And ive even gone and showed my fingers rolling on my controller to show how I do it before.. agian no notation will help you. Its what i said it is. And thats why people dont get.. people want there to be a secret sometimes.. And sometimes there is no secret. Its just timing.

  • I mean yeah, you should totally know the character and how they play first, before running straight to YouTube.
    We know how he does this shit, landing them fuckin Clayton combos is another story.

  • Your inputs are the same, but your timing is clearly not. Even if it's just a few frames like in this example, someone who wanted to learn a combo that requires specific timing would likely want to see that if they were having issues. Hell, we even have the technology now to break down how many frames apart inputs are from hit. This is even more relevant in combos with longer delays that use late hitboxes.

    For example Vegito 2M>5S>5H and 2M>5S>(delay)5H are the exact same inputs but create completely different results. Timing issues are also why even with buffer issues, secrets, or whatever a recorded combo done correctly will never produce different results like shown here.

    I can agree it doesn't look great, and if that's how you like to do it that's cool, but the idea that showing notations is useless in fighting games or that it can't help some people who take information in better through notations as opposed to visual information or explanations is just silly.
    You're 100% wrong here.

  • Notations do help, and it’s not gonna bother anybody who doesn’t need to see them. My whole thing is you’ll call it a guide without the inputs, when its just a combo showcase at that point. And that’s perfectly fine, make a living off flashy combos, but clickbating is lame.

  • you could always just type the notations out and say "delay this a bit". I understand in game notations dont always show up properly but you can always put them on screen or in the description. Not everyone learns the same and putting the notations dont take away from your videos and it will attract a wider audience.

  • I normally don't post, especially on clayton's channel but this is a topic I want to post my opinion on. First off, I respect you Clayton as a fighting game player and I really do appreciate your videos/tech on fighting games in general not just DBFZ. That said, I also wish to respectfully disagree with your belief. Which is fine; I totally understand it from your point of view on how combo notations don't matter, etc etc. I just want to provide a couple points from the other side of things – maybe play devil's advocate for a short minute.

    To claim that combo notations do not help whatsoever must truly be a claim that needs to be reviewed once more. Can you honestly 100% say that with all your heart and not even for a moment doubt? Can you honestly say "There are 8 billion people in the world and this combo notation won't help a single one of them"? Yes I realize not all 8 billion are watching your videos or playing fg's but that's beyond the point I'm trying to make. The point is: you can't be certain that it won't help. I think someone else in the comments has said this before but just because it doesn't help you doesn't mean it won't help others. There are a lot of people in this world. Just this video alone as I'm typing this has over 6k viewers. Certainly posting combo notations could have helped at least one of them.

    Now to tackle the risk – reward factor of the video. One of the risks of posting combo notation is that it looks ugly. Erm…correct me if I'm wrong but when people watch combo guides/tutorials I do not think their primary purpose is to seek out the cleanest most satisfying video. I'm pretty sure they're there for the education. And denying them of the combo notation is denying them a part of the education which might be counter-intuitive for an educative combo tutorial video. So in essence, this "looks ugly" argument isn't a very solid argument from my point of view.

    I completely understand that notations do not explain the full complexity and depth in expert combos. I get it. But not everyone who views your channel is an expert. And wouldn't you agree to claim that "oh because they're not an expert they shouldn't even be watching my videos" seem a little elitist? Weren't we all beginners at one time? Why not extend that small little gesture to help out those who need it so that they can take one more step towards being an expert? Furthermore, I'd like to add that combo notations can at the bare minimum cover delays in their notations as I'm sure you're aware (for example, dl. 236S). Sure it doesn't say how long the delay is or whatever but at the very least it gives the player the right direction on where to experiment or maybe why their combo isn't connecting. Sure, people who mess up TK j.236S might get confused because the combo says to do that but doesn't explain the timing. But at that point, at least they have a foothold – a part of the combo where they can refer to when they ask you or someone else. Otherwise, without the notation, they'll be confused at where they went wrong. With the notation, at least they'll still be confused but know where they're having trouble.

    What I'm trying to say here is that it can't hurt to post them. The risk of posting them certainly can't outweigh the reward of posting them right?

    Again, this is just my two cents Clayton. You are the content creator here and everything is up to your generosity and discretion. I'm not telling you what to do, I'm simply just enlightening you hopefully with the points of the other side of the argument. Have a wonderful day man.

  • Me – Who needs notations if anyone can train a lot in the secret lab to experiment combos. Like I said Training/practice makes perfection.

  • There's something about Clayton yelling at me that I actually enjoy. It's just real talk. You're like the motivational speaker that uses reverse psychology by shitting on how bad someone is, but you don't push it far enough to feel downgrading; it actually wants me to get up off my ass and just get fucking good. Like, I know where your heart is here.

  • Dude…your pulling off combos that are crazy, loveable and insane. Showing the inputs shows the necessity of the combo. Especially if your doing the stuff your pulling off. Im a fan bro and I like to see the inputs because i can really determine where the mistakes, delays and double taps can be in the combo. I asked you about the displays because im thinkin damn this shit gotta be input in perfectly. Like today im putting in L,L,MM,H,S for Vegeta and the S wouldn't come out but the display showed the input. This is important in this game and especially in fgc. No one coming at you bro. Just a fan lookin for more insight

  • Yo Clayton, you need to kill em with Krill one more time, I think his S fireball set ups need more focus. Love the other applications you did though. Did them as well, I’m trying to find anything new, but if you do, SHIT ON EM with it.🔥🔥

  • Wht u have to think about is tht there are different types of players watching ur video rather if it's a pro or a starter of the game. Also timing is important as well. When people look at your videos and try to copy wht you do they look at the inputs to see when you had specifically imputed a command. With so many new players now they will look for combo videos. And when they find one they want to see if it tell you what to input at the right time. Also I agree with how inconsistent tiger knee comes out

  • Great explaining Video! I strongly agree that they are annoying on the screen when u play, i can see that But just a question how on earth do u cope with people that just spam the Clayton you're my father or some bullshit like that? cause it must be really annoying.

  • @Clayton Chapman i agree with you on this, posting input is a joke. Next, no more posting input. If anyone ask for it than they are total Joke and the biggest Noob in Dragon Ball Fighterz history.

  • Bruh I wasn't gonna say anything about inputs cause I wanted them but who am I to ask. But now I'm even more lost because you made sense. Now I'm sad

  • I don't get the "pls notation" you just have to use your eyes and watch the combo and notation doesn't tell you what the timing is while your eyes do

  • With how many inputs you would be putting into a combo in this game I feel it would look like an essay trying to explain it to people on paper. If you know your character's normals watch the video, pause it, rewind it, slow it down etc. You can also see the delays in real time in a video than written down in text.

  • Notations help at a lower level. They aren't completely useless. Now you got all these dumbasses in the comments acting like notations exist for absolutely no reason. You use notations so you can specifically break down a combo at certain points, like yeah, hey you need to tiger knee this banshee blast.

    For anyone saying "jUSt looK AT ThE aNiMaTIoNS" y'all are the reason casuals hate getting into fighting games. Fuck off.

    Edit: not to mention some moves have the exact same animation with a slight difference. Explaining Goku Blue loops for example or Gohan legs.

  • Fact: if you can't come up with the notations yourself after seeing the combo, that means you can't tell which moves are being used just by looking at it. And if you can't do this, don't even bother asking for the notations cause you won't be able to do it anyways.

    Learn your character first, then you search for combos and stuff.

  • Yo clayton. Make a vid about what you think of these biting ass ppl who only steal shit from youtubers like yourself and go online thinking they're good cuz they're trying to be some cookie cutter version of ppl who actually put the time in to find these links and combo routes.

  • Fighting games used to be about a community of ppl who each had their own unique teams and ideas of how to win a match. Some played footsies others just played keep away but everyone had their own technique that separated them from their competitors. Now every match I play online when I ge the chance all i see is the same copy and paste teams and morons who dont knownhow to use them bcuz they saw it in a youtube video and dont fully understand the synergy and use of a character. So many brain dead ppl be mashing light and super dash. These mechanics are useful when used properly yet they look retarded under the hands of ppl who dont put in time to understand what their goal is in a fight besides winning.

  • They arent necessary at the certain point once you fully grasp you character's moveset but its helpful for players that are getting started with a character/game in general

  • I agree with thw notation part, but showing inputs can really help, you can always slow down the video and look at the inputs if you have trouble delaying/buffering inputs when learning advanced combos

  • Even if they would have all inputs given to them, they still have to know how to perform it and timings which is based on your own feeling with the game + you must have the execution in your head while comboing as you can't trust what you see on screen, except for chars that have cinematics in their combo. ^^

    Casuals struggle to combo challenge anyway though after a while, some understand that they must count their inputs in their head to have easier times doing combos, problem remains for those who don't and just tryhard blindly inputting what they see on screen.

    PS: I'm not even a hardcore fighting player, I'm just kind of casual concerning fighting games (killer instinct gold on N64 was my childhood and bnb) and I struggled hard for 4h trying to do the stupid combo challenge on Jiren with his fireballs, speed dash, more fireballs ending with his fist ex combo. 😂

  • Thank god someone said it, thank god im on ur side, seeing people saying combos in 2020 are hard just make me want to start blasting everywhere

  • I can't take fighterz seriously anymore. If I 2h a dragon dash there's a high chance I might get countered and die or my opponent will just destroy his square button while I drop a combo I've practiced for weeks. I'm good

  • This is dumb and only relates to this very specific character. Some combos, such as a corner loop, seeing your timing can help anyone trying to tell if something is delayed a bit more.

  • I just saw that twitter post too… Lol that completely debunks the dude's argument about the essentials of notations. It is true that if you really get a grasp of your characters inputs then simply looking at the combo structure could be enough to understand the combo, but the most essential part if getting the timing right. I use to think that looking at notations was what helped me understand the more complex combos but every time I looked into their notations and the timing of it, they never seemed to match my own, so I had to learn that aspect on my own

  • this is a perfect example of a problem i've had with the game while playing it since launch, i've lost countless matches because of this kind of shit happening at random times.
    hell, try testing this with a second player pressing buttons in an offline match, you'll notice that if your opponent is mashing buttons, it will affect how the game reads your input as well.

  • Because inputs don't show micro delays ,can't show timing nor input buffering. That's the flaw of the input system. I know this as a pseudo lab monster. I'm not a good one tough😌

  • they would help in other situations. like for example; the first time i tried GT goku, i would complicate myself doing the bouncy kamehameha into spirit bomb combo until i saw someone elses notation and it instantly solved that problem for me.

    I get that theyre ugly for combo videos but they wouldnt really hurt for the (much) shorter, 30 second long videos where you basically demonstrate one combo.

  • Agree and disagree brother.

    Look at other comboers like Kuwanger. He has the notations, but also in precise (or at least precise to most) instances he tells the viewers the delay and timings after the combo.

    I get it. You just post combos as you find them, not pleading for you to post notations because I can slow down the video myself if need be, but notations AND an explanation of the technique used can help.

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