January 18, 2021

You Need To Play Iconoclasts

Don’t point your butt at me.

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  • You need to support the developer buying Iconoclasts. The game itself loose the momentum somewhere in the middle of the playtrough and becoming mid-boring.

  • What I think of it: It's obviously a hell of an achievement to just make a game like this one your own – hats off! It's not a terrible game by any stretch, it's just … not very engaging either, in my opinion. Boring tedious puzzles and far too simple enemies – there's just very little challenge and too much tedium. Story is OK, but overall the gameplay just isn't all that exciting in my opinion. Not sure I'm going to bother to complete it.

  • Mina is the most unlikable character next to elro.

    General chrome my boy is the real best character~~~
    Even though the ending might have ruined him a little bit.

  • This video was great got me to buy the game. Besides the tower level I've been having a great time. Stay cool Snowman

  • Do you recommend any games like this? I just got this game and loved it. Usually I’m picky about indie games but a lot friends recommended this and want find games like it

  • I was already looking to play it, but I was even more sold when you said it's inspired by the best Metroid game.

  • it is the best game I have played for the last 5 years, second best metrodvania game I have ever played. This game focus more environmental puzzles than traditional back-tracking in metroidvania, the bosses are unique and interesting. It has the best story in all of the metroidvania I have ever played, period. The first two hours of the game is a bit underwhelming though, so be patient!! After that, it's a roller-coaster!

  • Extremely underated game.
    Makes me so damn sad, the developers put so much effort into this beautiful game

  • just got this on switch in the sales. got rayman legends and gris as well. still a bunch more I want, but sale is on till the next year, so got time to decide. probably gonna get owlboy and steamworld dig 2 as well.

  • I am playing this masterpiece thx this channel. This game is so but so beautiful, animation and pixel art are just amazing, the detail about just 1 man job is really just a detail, this game is rly beautiful. But the hightlight is the story. Man, i love the story and all the charchts, they are so well craft. It is have and I would say almost a dark fantasy, with gour, blood and a lot of time no hope. It is a triller in the sense of incriese super fast the problems and you almost not see a solution. This game is just a muss play one.
    Thx again Snowman, I think that I have played all the game from this show You need to play! hahaha

  • Picked up Iconoclasts on Vita totally by accident and was insanely surprised at how wonderful the game is.

  • I remember seeing ads for this game for several weeks, mucking up whatever webpage I was on. I saw the same repeating boss fight bit so many times that I dismissed this game as some crappy free to play thing. It was such a pleasant surprise to hear from some other reputable game recommender/reviewers talk favorably about this game. So many of these smaller developer titles I just don't like the visuals of and the gameplay doesn't look that appealing either, but in both cases iconoclasts looks great.

  • Best game I ever played! 10 out of 10 have played multiple times. Will recommend to pretty much anyone who want the great story and great gameplay.

  • Best game I ever played! 10 out of 10 have played multiple times. Will recommend to pretty much anyone who want the great story and great gameplay.
    (First playthrough)

  • I've played it, but I was a little bit annoyed by the story. The story told by text-boxes was too much to read for me, I wasted so much time skipping the messages, when I instead could have played the game ;P

    The Metroid part was actually pretty good (I loved metroid fusion)

  • Shit man, I thought MetalJesusRocks, Radical Reggie, and Game Chasers were bad. Now I got another channel convincing me to spend more money.

  • Why have I never heard of this game before? And why did I get this video recommended so late? I'll check that out!

  • I don't know. I don't really like the design and collecting a lot of things makes me nervous because I have a problem resisting spending all of my time getting everything. I spent way too much time getting every riddler trophy in Arkham City.

  • Personally I found Iconoclasts to be alright gameplay-wise, although the water-level was headache-inducing in how frustrating it was, outside its two bosses. I mostly enjoyed it for the plot… and on the subject of headaches, Agent Black being one of the best-written antagonists I've seen in a while.

  • Message from a distant future, I like your content a lot, I will try this game in due time. If you see this message you should play CrossCode

  • I tried this game from PS+ and I was blown away. Iconoclasts is right up my alley, and I gladly would've paid full price, had I heard of the game earlier. I'll try to pay it forward by telling my friends how epic Iconoclasts is.

  • Bad it didn't get the recognition it deserves, it's my personal favourite of 2018 along with celeste. It's enough that I got to play it on the vita as one of the last worthy games that will be released on that great device.

  • Oh thank god I'm not the only one who had to put the game down in the tower because I got lost and bored and pissed off. Good game but that shit stank.

  • Just played this and I’m right with you, definitely one of my favorite indie games of all time. It’s a shame this game isn’t getting the attention it deserves.

  • Suddenly shows up on my recommendations. Clicked on it and not gonna lie…this game is like CrossCode and that girl is like Lea. Hey..just my opinion, don't be hatin'

  • I really loved this game, the gameplay is great, characters are memorable, and the story is absolutely incredible. It really hit all of the right notes for me, I can not recommend this game enough

  • Hate when stupid developers force screen shake and flashy light on us! It interrupt our visual sense, and is very dangerous, also it give motion sickness to some people, and it gives headache. For that reason alone I don't recommend anyone to play this bullshit game and 90% of the indie games that force screen shake on us!

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